Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Travelife Magazine Team all over the world, including Saipan, Ho Chi Minh, Istanbul and Batanes

The Travelife Magazine team in Saipan last week
having dinner in Saipan's best steak house

with the big boss of Saipan Tourism
Everyone in Travelife Magazine really gets to live a #Travelife so this isn't just some empty catchword to us, when we say we're "living a #Travelife."

But as we have so many trips, we have Travelife teams per country or per project and everyone really works hard and also works well together. Being on a #Travelife is serious business but it's also fun, and it's really hard to know where work ends and play begins. And vice versa.

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In fact, the last few weeks have just been crazy, as we were really all living a Travelife

Last week I accompanied one Travelife team to Saipan headed by Managing Editor Ceia Ilagan for a really enjoyable adventure trip. I spent most of my time toting around the island in a Mustang convertible, but our team went on real adventures hiking down 90-degree mountains and going on seven-kilometre hikes just to reach great photo spots.

Who would've known that this small island could be so pretty?


Then while we were in Saipan, our Travelife marketing manager Ron Hernandez was busy joining on a trip to Batanes with the PTAA group. We'll be posting photos of their great trip very soon.

But judging from the photos of Batanes that they've sent me so far, everyone sure had lots of fun.




And exactly as I write this, Travelife contributing editor Minoll Alano is in Istanbul for a meeting with the CEO of Turkish Airlines himself, Iiker Ayc. She met flew all the way from Asia to meet Mr. Ayc at the Turkish Airlines headquarters in Istanbul and they spoke about the safety of Turkey and the famed service of Turkish Airlines.

Mr. Ayc said: "We don't call our passengers 'customers.' In Turkish culture, they are our guests so we treat them in the best way possible." He also assured her that Turkey is now safe again for tourism.



Just as I write this at midnight in Saigon, too, Minoll is having dinner at Asitane in Istanbul, one of my favourite restaurants in Turkey for the entire historical and cultural experience of tasting dishes from centuries past, and she's eating with senior executives of Turkish Airlines.


Travelife columnist Michelle Barrera is also off soon on a cruise to an undisclosed location on a pretty amazing ship. I would really like to have gone on that this particular cruise, too, if only I wasn't so packed up with trips already until the end of the year. 


And now here I am with the Travelife team for Saigon, which is an entirely different team from the Saipan-bound team. I try to give everyone a chance to regularly walk the talk and live a #Travelife, you see.

One of the my few selfies, after watching a cultural show
in Saigon tonight, living a #Travelife...

So far, our #Travelife to Ho Chi Minh has been fun and hard work -- just like all our other trips. We've ate well, stayed in some pretty fabulous hotels, met lots of interesting people, and enjoyed all kinds of experiences -- the Travelife way.

The Travelife team for Ho Chi Minh picked up their wardrobes at Uniqlo in the Philippines, by the way, as Uniqlo has wardrobes for every climate. In this case, their Airism line and cool cottons proved fantastic for the hot weather in Vietnam.

Our Travelife Magazine team,
literally on top of the world at the Le Meridien in Saigon yesterday,
living a #Travelife...

And I also got some warmer stuff for the cooler climates I'm headed for in a few weeks, on another kind of #Travelife.

In the meantime, here are some fun photos of our boat trip down Saigon River earlier, as always living a #Travelife.



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