Tuesday, August 9, 2016

W Taipei Presents “Moonbeam Ignite” Hologram Mooncakes Gift Set. And about new mooncake flavours and the Taiwanese designer mr. sheep

W Taipei celebrates the traditional Moon festival in an unconventional style by presenting “Moonbeam Ignite” mooncakes gift set with the moon-inspired shimmer package and two state-of-the-art Hologram glasses crafted by Taiwanese star designer “mr. sheep.”

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The hotel Sweetologist Yu Mei Ho creates the three unique mooncakes flavors:

1) Taiwan Kavalan whiskey spiked custard cream
2) Bird nest, five spice pumpkin & black beam
3) Milk chocolate roasted caramelized five nuts & sea salt 

Each set will have two pieces of each flavor for a total of six mooncakes.

The mooncakes gift set, on sale until September 15, is going to ignite the festival with gourmet delicacies and eye-catching design.


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