Saturday, August 6, 2016

Unique shopping finds in Tokyo

Unique shopping finds in Tokyo
Not that unique, as far as Tokyo finds go.
But even Armani and other designers were
on sale this weekend in Tokyo...
This is a post about unique shopping finds in Tokyo, including a water pillow and a $500 watermelon.

So today was my last-minute shopping day in Tokyo, living a #Travelife, as I'm headed out tomorrow.

It's sale season here so I so enjoyed looking for good deals even as I'd just done a week of general housekeeping in Tokyo, mercilessly throwing out or giving away so much stuff I didn't need or want. I even did a bit of the Konmari method on my wardrobe....

Basically, I'm on a minimalist path this year, simplifying my life of everything and everyone unnecessary to a happy #Travelife. And this includes everything from clothes and kitchen ware to toiletries and even books and DVDs.

And yes, this also extends to people -- particularly to friends who don't keep promises because I don't make promises lightly and I always keep mine, so I think life is too short to be dealing with those who can't do the same.

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How light I felt afterwards, and this new philosophy helped me resist the urge to buy at the Tokyo sales.

Nevertheless, it didn't prevent me from getting some things I really needed like a high-tech water pillow that cools the head as you sleep and clothes made of organic gauze to keep you cool and fresh even on the hottest day of the year.

Then there's the pair of watermelons I found at my neighbourhood grocery store that are going for a fortune because of their size and unique shape. The pyramid-shaped watermelon was selling for the equivalent of US$500 while the square-shaped watermelon was a relative steal at US$200.

Of course, I didn't buy these. But they sure made for good Instagram photos. Follow us on Instagram, by the way....


The prettiest thing I saw today, however, were a set of real shells, polished to perfection and then scenes from the Tales of Genji -- which is incidentally one of my favourite Japanese classics, about life in the courts of Kyoto during the Heian era --  were meticulously painted on them.

I was so tempted to buy one just because they looked so exquisite.

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But then I thought about my almost minimalist home after my merciless housekeeping -- modern Italian, really, adorned only with Japanese woodblock prints and pottery, and some unique art -- and how this lovely shell would look so out of place in it.

And instead of buying it, I snapped a photo for posterity and then bought a Japanese magazine focusing on one of my favourite destinations that is at once both very familiar and very exotic.

This magazine detailed all the latest places to visit so I got very excited, especially as I've just finished making all the arrangements for a long overdue trip that I've been wanting to take, this October, living a #Travelife.



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