Monday, August 29, 2016

Driving a Mustang convertible around Saipan. And about a Mercedes Benz vintage convertible from the 1960s.

Landing in Saipan early this morning for four days of a #Travelife in Saipan, we hit the ground running, with a drive around the island and even a couple of hikes -- and basically no sleep since last night.

My companions were way more active than I was. They even found their way to a golf course and a couple of shorelines to see some scenic spots. Meanwhile, I booked myself a spa treatment at the i Sagua Spa of the Hyatt Regency Saipan in the late afternoon, before arranging to meet up with them for dinner.

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Until my spa treatment and dinner, I then decided to borrow this lemon yellow brand-new Mustang convertible for the duration of my holiday in Saipan so that I could go anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted.

How appropriate this was as well. 


Because just the previous night in Manila, living a #Travelife, I'd hosted an informal dinner at home for Mr. X who was visiting Manila just for one night on his way to somewhere else, and for an ambassador of a very important country, who is also a good friend.

The talk somehow centered on convertibles, but the vintage Mercedes Benz convertible kinds in impeccable condition

Both guys got so enthusiastic about this conversation concerning a vintage Mercedes Benz convertible that Mr. X actually and very suddenly proposed very gallantly to buy me one to use in Tokyo, as I am currently driving a very large sedan there which he thinks is too large for Tokyo's roads. I've never had an accident or scraped my car so I don't know why he thinks this.

Hokkaido wagyu flown in chilled a few days ago
for dinner at my home last Saturday
FROM THE 1960s

But regardless of his opinion on my driving skills and my current cars, I was certainly happy to have a vintage Mercedes Benz convertible from the 1960s, if he was proposing to buy me one. And the ambassador, quite amused at the very concrete turn in the discussion, from exchanging opinions to an actual purchase, was a very helpful partner in crime, in this respect.

The ambassador said at dinner to me: "Just imagine driving down Omotesando on your way home in that convertible."



I couldn't resist it. I added: "I'd better start thinking about my wardrobe too. Do you think my Issey Miyake clothes will suit a vintage convertible?"

We were just having a laugh, of course. But the ambassador replied: "Think more Romy Schneider or Audrey Hepburn than Issey Miyake."

Then Mr. X backtracked, knowing my distaste for the sun and any exposure to it. He said: "But you'll never drive a convertible. You hate the sun."


I didn't disagree on that point. But how ironic then that I find myself the happy owner of a lovely Mustang convertible in Saipan, even just for a few days. So far I've driven the convertible around the island with the radio blaring rock and hiphop music I usually never listen to.

I had such a good time, especially as I drove by the shore from one end of Saipan to the other.

Interestingly, the music and the convertible go so well together, here in Saipan, where I'm so happily living a #Travelife.



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