Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lunch at Hey Handsome at BGC's 5th Avenue

On a spur-of-the-moment, after a morning of looking at Viber messages in between working on my magazine, mainly an exchange of messages between our wonderful group that had just done a #Travelife to Iceland and Scandinavia last month, a lunch for that day was suddenly planned in about 15 minutes.

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The lunch was to be at the rather interestingly named "Hey Handsome" restaurant, newly-opened (as in the day before) and apparently is a sister establishment of the restaurant Your Local in Makati.

We'd actually been talking about perhaps a dozen things on Viber among ourselves, including the planning for a proper reunion dinner taking place next week for our Travelife Iceland group, and all the amazing food we were all preparing for it.


And then the topic of lunch came up as it was mid-morning. 

I'd actually planned on working through lunch and possibly ordering out for something quick and easy simply because I had a ton of things to finish before a pretty busy weekend, a couple of visitors next week, and then the start of my never-endingly eventful #Travelife after that.

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I'm headed mostly to places I've already been, but lots of them are exotics. 

I've been too busy to get too excited until now, but yesterday I finally had some time to start glancing at itineraries, tweaking some things and booking some hotels and restaurants around the world.

So I was trying to take it easy and at the same time trying to make up for lost time by working double time at the office as tomorrow I'm fully booked for lunch and dinner. And then there were all the logistics of a house to take care of, wardrobes for about 10 different trips to plan, and not a few social obligations to deal with.

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I've actually tried to pare my life down drastically, particularly in the evenings when the rains and the traffic come together for a Perfect Storm I would prefer to sit out than sit in the car in.

So unless it's a dinner party only several minutes away or something very important or intimate -- no, I'm not inclined to spend 90 minutes in a car heading for a cocktail party or dinner with 100 other people, where I'm not likely to be missed -- I've made the conscious decision to choose work at home so that I can forget work and "play" with fervour when it's time to get back on that plane very soon.


But a last-minute lunch with some of my Iceland #Travelife group was too good to pass up today, even if we are having our proper grand dinner reunion next week. 

So I wrapped up my work as quickly as possible and then headed to BGC to find this casual new restaurant called Hey Handsome that supposedly served Asian fusion food.

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My first impression was that it was nicely done as a casual eatery catering mainly to a younger crowd. Not my type, frankly, as I usually avoid crowded and noisy restaurants like the plague since I want to eat and talk if I'm going to a restaurant.

The service could have been better too -- I had to ask for utensils several times -- and the music certainly could have been toned down so that diners could actually eat and talk at the same time without shouting across the table. 

But all in all it was a nice experience, especially if you like Peranakan food. And just come for a very late lunch if you want to eat and talk -- or at least that's what I'd do on my next visit.


There are several specials and we made sure to order them. One was a leg of duck with crispy skin and rice mixed with herbs and atchara. This was probably my favourite, as the skin was so crispy and tasty that we found ourselves getting two orders.

There was also a very nice version of beef rendang, albeit a less spicy one. This was also very good.

For a fish dish, we had a seabass with a mix of flavours and spices. Again, it was very good and all three dishes were in fact definitely worth returning for -- and how very nice of one of my travel companions to treat us to lunch.


The owners nicely sent over some desserts as well so we didn't have to choose our desserts

We were given a durian muffin set which was very interesting, even for those who do not particularly like durian. Then we also had the Hey Handsome's versions of home-made yoghurt. It was like a lemon curd and just the right amount of sweetness and sourness to end a good meal.

All too soon, we all had to leave and return back to our real worlds, especially as we had just done this spontaneous lunch and we all had work to do, and my never-ending #Travelife awaited.


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