Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Emirates 777-300 airplane from India to Dubai catches fire at Dubai Airport

Photo courtesy of Kevin Maxwell on Twitter.
He was at Dubai airport when this happened.

According to news reports, an Emirates Boeing jetliner 777-300, officially code-named EK521, flying from India, crashed after landing and burst into flames at Dubai International Airport.

Fortunately, the firefighters at Dubai's International Airport were very quick to act so that all passengers and crew were saved in spite of the possible horrific consequences of this major accident. The only tragedy is that one young Dubai firefighter lost his life making sure everyone made it out of the airplane safe.

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According to officials of Boeing, the Boeing 777 jet is made in such a way that there are strategically placed emergency exits every few meters -- so that almost everyone can find their way to an escape exit and jump to safety in case of such an emergency as the one experienced by the Emirates Boeing 777-300 jetliner yesterday.

Many travelers were on the scene, at least from afar, as they were either about to board flight or waiting for flights at Dubai airport. Many have posted photos and tweeted what they saw online.

Kudos to the emergency services crew at Dubai International Airport for their bravery and heroic actions.



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