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The best islands in the world, including the resort destination of Cebu island, the isolated islands of Indonesia and Iceland

The best islands in the world, including Cebu, Indonesia and Iceland


This is a post about the best islands in the world, including Cebu island, some isolated islands in Indonesia and Iceland. 

In this issue, we feature some of the loveliest islands on the planet, all worthy of a place in your bucket list.


Cebu has long been a favorite holiday destination in Asia, but especially now with so many more lovely resorts for upmarket travelers on famed Mactan Island.

See fashion designer and model Mia Arcenas modelling her lovely creations on our Cebu photo shoot. Our fantastic cover shot, by the way, was taken right on the beach of the Crimson Resort & Spa.


For this cover shoot, the #Travelife Magazine team led by Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan and Creative Director Bryan Arevalo stayed at seafront villas at the beautiful Crimson Resort & Spa, one of Cebu's best resorts and from which they set out to explore the best of Cebu.

They returned from Cebu raving about their holiday – it’s never really work, is it, when there’s a beautiful beach nearby? – and also about the creativity they discovered in Cebu for food and design. 


Then, literally jumping from one airplane to another, Travelife General Manager Gel Bayona spent ten days crisscrossing the width and breadth of Indonesia to visit several breathtakingly picturesque islands we’re certain few travelers have set foot in before.

Then, taking things to the extreme, the #Travelife way, she then flew to Bali, perhaps the most visited resort island in Asia, for a walk through some UNESCO World Heritage rice fields instead of the usual R&R on the beach.


On the picturesque island of Taiwan at the other end of Asia, we spent a long weekend at the Grand Hyatt Taipei, the city's grandest hotel, and not just in name, and also the hotel with some of the nicest suites in Taipei

Each suite has a panoramic view because of the hotel's outstanding location at the center of everything, with great bathrooms and modern interiors.


The best islands in the world also include Iceland.

Scott Munroe Allford writes about his 800-kilometer one-day driving trip across the amazing island of Iceland, for me one of the most dramatic and beautiful destinations on earth.

In fact, I've just returned from a wonderful holiday in Iceland with a group of Travelife friends, blessed with wonderful weather and amazing sights throughout.

We even did a trek through the countryside on the iconic Icelandic horses and climbed up a waterfall somewhere along the southern coast of Iceland.

Going back to Scott's article, I don’t know how he did this, straight off a long-haul flight from Asia, but he drove the 800-kilometer distance in a rental car, explored a few craters, and saw a beautiful lake all on that same day, before finally returning to the capital of Reykjavik still with enough light and energy to party in the city that never sleeps in the summer.


Many people travel to Iceland in the winter to see the Northern Lights -- but take it from me. You can see the Northern Lights from many places, but there is truly only once place like Iceland in the summer.

It's beautiful.

You’ll drive for hours wondering if you’re still on earth because so many places look like somewhere on the moon or like a rendition of an artist's fantasy about paradise, and you'll never know what hit you about Iceland but you’ll be certainly happy you journeyed to the edge of this part of the world.


On another island of sorts, the great British isles, Travelife Contributing Editor Dondi Joseph wrote about a new restaurant featuring unusual cuisine that's making waves in London.

He was so happy with the food that I believe he went back thrice in his short stay.


Finally, I write about my own favorite restaurant on another island, this time in Hokkaido, the northernmost in Japan, often called Japan’s last frontier for its unspoilt wilderness and abundant wildlife.

Within all this ruggedness is a Michelin three-star restaurant that’s among the best in the world for experience and value. Last month, I returned there for another memorable meal full of unforgettable tastes and visuals so appropriate for a never-endingly delicious #Travelife.

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