Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shopping for bags and watches in Skagen in Copenhagen during the summer sales

We spent a pretty enjoyable day browsing the stores and going through the summer sales in Copenhagen, living a #Travelife.

Copenhagen is one of the world's most expensive cities, but when there are summer sales offering discounts of up to 50% to 70% off, then shopping here becomes quite irresistible.

Skagen, which began life as an inexpensive cultish watch brand in Copenhagen many years ago, has not blossomed into a pretty big brand and business.

When I first began visiting Copenhagen, Skagen was still just a very local brand with a line of well-designed and mid-priced watched.

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So today, many tourists make a Skagen store a pitstop during a shopping trip to Copenhagen. They still have nice watches -- although I have to admit that I'm more into a cult brand of handmade Icelandic watches today so I didn't really look at the Skagen watch line-up.

But Skagen does have have many user-friendly leather items including Skagen bags, watches and leather iPad cases.

Everything is low-key and functional, with simplicity as the key word. In other words, lots of stuff I like if I didn't already have similar things. I was tempted to buy a bag that doubled as a backpack, though, if not for some space issues I was having with my luggage.


Anyway, lots of my friends bought Skagen bags and cases.

And as I had nothing much else to do, I decided to tease the salesman who had offered us very nicely and generously bottles of mineral water and cups of coffee so that we commandeered one of the tables and acted like the Skagen store was our private coffee shop.

So I said to him with a very straight face, causing some of my friends to gasp: "Well, now I want some ice cream."

It was true. On our way over, we'd passed a gelato stand and we'd all been of half a mind to buy some on our way to the shops -- but we decided not to as we were already full of thoughts of sales and shopping.


To our surprise, the salesman actually said: "I do have ice cream in our kitchen. Who wants some?"

Up came the hands in the air, and mine was the first.

And within a few minutes, he'd produced a bowl full of popsicles of different flavours that were really very good. So good in fact that I had two such popsicle bars.


And if he was planning that as a sales pitch, it certainly worked.

We all ended up in a much better mood than pre-ice cream, and he made a couple more sales from us to justify buying an entire ice cream stand after we'd left.

Just goes to show how a little kindness goes such a long way in everyone's life -- not only in a never-ending #Travelife.  


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