Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Mary Poppins Festival in Queensland, Australia this July 2

Get swept up in the magic of Mary Poppins this Saturday, July 2, when Australia's most supercalafragalistic festival comes alive in the streets of Maryborough in Queensland where the author of Mary Poppins was born.

The iconic Portside precinct of Maryborough will be transformed to the whimsical place of Cherry Tree Lane to celebrate the achievements of Maryborough-born author of Mary Poppins, Pamela L Travers. 

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Magic will be in the air as heritage streetscapes are transformed into scenes from the novels and the Poppins characters come to life, including Admiral Boom, who fires his time cannon throughout the day.

Nanny races, chimney sweep challenges, sidewalk art, street theatre and circus workshops are part of a packed program that includes a grand costume parade and live music. Interactive craft experiences for the will be at the Mary Poppins festival. 

Children's workshops filled with hands-on creative sessions involving puppets, circus troupes, arty umbrellas and vintage styling makeovers are just some of the activities on offer this year.

The call is also out for keen Poppins pundits to dress up and take part in the hilarious Chimney Sweep Challenge for the young and young at heart.

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