Saturday, April 2, 2016

Monopoly-themed meals at Neptune's Restaurant of Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is elevating its theme park experience with seasonal specialities at its restaurants to celebrate the launch of Animal Discovery Fest.

This is a special promotion running until April 17 that reaffirms the Park’s ongoing commitment to animal conservation.

Scroll down to read more about afternoon tea at the Langham Melbourne... 


To make animal conservation education more fun, Ocean Park has partnered with the Hasbro classic board game “Monopoly” to present “Animal Monopoly” during the promotion period.

A Monopoly-themed Afternoon Tea Set at Neptune’s Restaurant at Ocean Park Hong Kong will feature dishes like lobster with egg mayo sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich, sustainable smoked salmon and abalone quiche, sausage rolls, and mango mousse cake.


Neptune’s Restaurant, renowned for its panoramic underwater views of the Grand Aquarium, is also offering guests an extraordinary new East-meets-West fine dining experience with new seasonal specialities like:

- Gravlax salmon with mustard seed wrapped like octopus
- Salmon Fillet with Teriyaki Sauce & Organic Chia Seeds Salsa
- Stir-fried Australian Tiger Prawns with Spicy Garlic Salt &amp Crispy Rice
- Grilled Australian Tomahawk A5 Wagyu Steak with Portobello Mushroom
- Australian Lamb Brik
- Pomegranate Molasses
- Fried Mint and Confit Beets
- Signature Fried Rice with Abalone, Lobster & Scallop

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