Friday, April 15, 2016

In Tokyo for a weekend and a great teppanyaki dinner and a sukiyaki dinner at home

So on Wednesday morning, I woke up feeling I wanted to be back in Tokyo, living a #Travelife.

Perhaps it had something to do with the heat here, as it is the peak of summer in this part of Asia. Or maybe it was just the thought of a couple of nice meals with a couple of friends in Tokyo.

Either way, the moment I'd sort of made up my mind to go, I began to think of so many other reasons why I had to fly to Tokyo next weekend. Even if I was just there three weeks ago, and I'm going to be back in Japan in May for a #Travelife to Hokkaido and a nice wine dinner with some Germans visiting Tokyo.


Let's just say that the stars aligned for this one.

Just by pure coincidence, that same morning as I was on my way to work, a friend in Tokyo sent me a Viber message about a ryokan I had recommended to her.

And just like that, I'd messaged back: "I woke up today feeling like going to Tokyo next weekend. Are you and your husband free for dinner next Saturday? Because if you are, that will certainly be added incentive to book my ticket to Tokyo today."

Scroll down to read more about my upcoming weekend in Tokyo... 


Yes, these days I won't cross town in this terrible traffic to attend cocktail parties or store openings; but I will always fly across a continent or even across the world for a good dinner with even better company.

This is one of those dinners, and it's literally a weekend trip to Tokyo. In and out in a matter of days, and I've already booked a very nice teppanyaki restaurant in Ginza for dinner.


Then everything else fell into place. A couple of other friends were free for lunches and dinners; and just as I had bought my airplane ticket, a serious foodie friend from Singapore emailed me that he was coming over to Tokyo for that same weekend.

Of course, I emailed him right back. I said: "Come over to the house for sukiyaki on Sunday night." We could've eaten out at some Michelin-starred restaurant, of course, but I felt like entertaining at home in Tokyo next weekend.

He paid me the greatest compliment, too, by adding: "I know I'm in good hands if it's dinner at your house."


I was last in Tokyo three weeks ago, you see, and I'd driven across town to the neighbourhood of Kappabashi -- which is something I never usually do -- because some visitors from Manila wanted to load up on Japanese kitchen items and they all had very long shopping lists.

Kappabashi is a district in the downtown area of Tokyo, and it's the best place for kitchen ware and dinner ware items.

And while I was there, I'd picked up a lovely cast iron sukiyaki pot which I haven't had time to use yet. So next Sunday will be the perfect opportunity, in Tokyo, living a never-endingly delicious #Travelife.

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