Sunday, April 17, 2016

Getting psyched for a #Travelife to Hokkaido and Iceland, plus a teppanyaki dinner in Tokyo and a hot springs trip to Taiwan

I usually don't get psyched for a quick weekend #Travelife to Tokyo as I do it so often, but I am so looking forward to this weekend, for some reason, because I've filled it my three days with nice meals with great friends.

Then, trying to add more useful things to do while I'm there, to justify the thought of flying across Asia for a very social weekend,  I thought I'd buy my bullet train tickets on the newly-opened Tohoku shinkansen to Hakodate in Hokkaido this weekend while I'm there. Early next month, you see, I'm back in Japan, but this time it's mainly to Hokkaido with my Travelife Magazine team.

For my upcoming #Travelife to Hokkaido in May, I thought I'd land in Tokyo and the take the new bullet train to Hakodate the next morning.

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We're going to be checking out the cherry blossoms in Hokkaido, which are only blooming next month because it's way colder over in Hokkaido than in the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan.

The we're also the advance party for about 50 friends descending on Hokkaido for a week of fun, food and adventure that I've planned down to the last excruciating detail.

Yes, I'm pretty much the expert on traveling in Hokkaido -- but then, so are the rest of my Travelife Magazine team. Everyone came along with me last February for a pretty adventurous winter holiday of skiing and snowmobiling capped by a stay at the Ice Hotel and the opening of the Sapporo Ice Festival.

And now here we are excitedly planning another trip to Hokkaido just to eat good sushi and enjoy the flowers.

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Then, after Hokkaido, I jump on the plane back to Tokyo to meet up for a weekend in Tokyo with some German friends, including a pretty famous German chef of a restaurant many serious foodies will know about in Europe.

The chef is bringing a couple of bottles of very good wine from his private cellars as he owns a vineyard as well, and I'm in charge of booking the kind of Michelin-starred restaurant that a famous German chef might be happy with.


So looking forward to this, as well as to our #Travelife to Iceland coming up sooner than later.

Our Travelife to Iceland core group had our first pre-trip dinner the other night at the Shangri-la Fort and we ended up talking all night -- an omen of many good things to come.

Incidentally, this Iceland group is almost our entire first #Travelife to Morocco group going to Iceland in an all-for-one, one-for-all kind of thing with the exception of two persons, plus some others who've already joined us before.

So it looks like serious fun. I'm so looking forward to this holiday, even if this is still six trips away in a matter less than three months, if a #Travelife to Israel that I'm planning, to attend the amazing opera festival in Masada, does push through.


And did I mention I have a hot springs trip to Taiwan and a foodie driving trip around Switzerland and Bavaria in between all this? In other words, just another three months in my never-ending #Travelife.    

And tonight I'm going to a seriously intriguing opera dinner, which I'm very curious and quite excited more about it later.

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