Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two sessions of Pilates. And about doing some exercise and losing one's focus.

So for two days in a row now, I've been having a Pilates session with Brenda Lim at UP Pilates first thing in the morning.

I'm not often in town, so when I am, I make sure to try and get as many Pilates sessions in as possible. Booking these private Pilates sessions -- no sharing of the Pilates gym or equipment here so the place is all yours when you book -- is one of the best things I've done for myself.


I really like having this alone time, which almost feels like meditation, especially for someone like me.

Every consultant at wellness spas I go to all over the world has recommended that I try meditation, but I'm just not the type who can sit still or think about nothing for an hour.

But Pilates, which is a session of focusing on synchronised breathing and movements, is about as close to meditation as I'll ever get. I love it.

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Yesterday, for example, I was doing one of the movements.

Usually, I'm very concentrated on what I'm doing so I'm focusing 100% on my breath and movements. But for a few seconds yesterday, I found myself thinking about a wonderful holiday I'd done in a little town called Franscchoek in South Africa -- of all places.

Or perhaps, yes, of all places.

And also maybe because I'd just posted a photo of myself on Instagram, taken in the Armani Suite of the La Residence in Franschhoek, one of my favourite hotels in the world. This was an all too short and sweet stay.


So Brenda said suddenly: "Your breathing changed."

I replied: "Yeah. My mind wandered off."

Then today, there I was doing a new routine which wasn't difficult, but it certainly took effort.

After six or so times of doing this, Brenda asked me: "How many more of these can you do?"


I replied,  very confidently, in between huffing and puffing: "A lot." They were actually fun to do so I could have done them all morning.

So she smiled and said: "Oh great, we can live here then."

"Nope," I said, "But looks like I'm staying here and doing these, and not going to work today."

Within five minutes of saying this, though, I was out of the studio and in my car, and on the way to office for just another interesting day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.

A friend just returned from a holiday in Sri Lanka
and he gave me this beautiful coffee table book.
Thank you, you know who you are...



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