Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Denmark sets a Michelin record with 26 Michelin Stars. Geranium is Denmark's first Michelin 3-star restaurant, run by Chef Rasmus Kofoed.

The sky in Denmark is certainly sparkling with gastronomic stars. The new edition of the Michelin Nordic Guide 2016 awarded no less than 26 Michelin stars to 22 restaurants across Denmark.

The restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen has become the Denmark's first restaurant to receive three Michelin stars.

The Michelin Nordic Guide awarded three stars to chef Rasmus Kofoed, winner of the prestigious Bocuse d'Or and World's Best Chef 2011, for his organic world-class restaurant Geranium.

The Michelin three-star Geranium in Copenhagen.

I'm happy to report that the #Travelife Magazine group heading for Scandinavia sooner rather than later is stopping by Copenhagen just to enjoy a gastronomic private dinner at Geranium.

And we've just booked out the business class of Qatar Airways for this trip, by the way...


The Michelin Guide for Scandinavia also includes four new restaurants in Denmark, bringing the number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark to 22 with 20 of the coveted stars being awarded to 16 restaurants in Copenhagen.

This is a new record for Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark, by the way...

Scroll down to read more about the best restaurants in Denmark...


Other restaurants in Denmark are also shining brightly.

British chef Paul Cunningham, who took over as head chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro in West Jutland in 2012, is now celebrating its first Michelin star. This is a must-try for food lovers.

Restaurant Kadeau, another new recipient of a Michelin star, continues the New Nordic movement with a menu focusing on produce from the Danish island of Bornholm, the 'sunshine island' in the Baltic Sea.

Restaurant Kadeau in Denmark

Meanwhile, the restaurant at Hotel Frederiksminde offers exceptional dining experiences, with ingredients of the highest quality with fresh assortments from the sea, seasonal game and delicacies from small local suppliers.

IN AARHUS FOR 2015 & 2016

Three restaurants in Aarhus received the coveted Michelin star for the first time in 2015, and they have all maintained their star status in the new Michelin Nordic Guide 2016.

Restaurant Frederikshøj where chef Wassim Hallal shows off his extraordinary talent for top level international cuisine accompanied by a superb wine collection and comfort in the midst of a protected forest next to the Mindeparken in Aarhus.

The Standard in Denmark

With a more modest approach to its cuisine, Restaurant Substans also regained a star. It serves contemporary inspired dishes in a relaxed atmosphere with solid craftsmanship using organic ingredients from local producers.

Restaurant Gastromé aims to unite gourmet rural cuisine with the raw, urban cuisine of the city, transforming the countryside gastronomy of the Vilhelmsborg Forest into the urban setting of Aarhus.


Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, hosts the annual Food Festival, set in the city's beautiful bay each September.

The festival has fast become a fixture on every food lover's calendar with a wide range of special events and tastings – from seaweed safaris to sausage-making and cabbage workshops, to gourmet picnics along the shore.



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