Friday, February 12, 2016

The menu for a pre-Valentine's day dinner tonight for 10 friends. And about the best French food in Manila.

A very comfortable set-up in business class
on Japan Airlines between Manila and Tokyo

I flew from my Tokyo home to Manila last night on Japan Airlines, living a #Travelife, just to make it for a very special dinner specially prepared for me and a group of 10 friends by one of Manila's most talented chefs.

This dinner is happening tonight and I am so looking forward to it.


This pre-Valentine's dinner came about over a very liquid wine dinner at Bar Pinxtos in Alabang just before New Year's Eve, followed by an equally very liquid lunch at the same Bar Pinxtos on the 2nd day of 2016.

At both of these meals, I'd mentioned how I so wanted to eat the specialties of this very talented chef -- the same chef tonight.

Scroll down to read more about my Valentine's Day dinner in Manila tomorrow...


I don't really go to his restaurant enough, but the times that I'd been a guest at private dinners specially prepared by him, the meals were nothing short of amazing. Unforgettable, actually. In fact, I can still taste everything he made for us at a dinner at a friend's home in Forbes Park so many years ago.

"I can arrange a dinner for us," said our friend N. So we set a date and left the menu to him and the chef, and got some of our friends together who we know all love both excellent food and very fine wines -- not just any good wine for this group.

Thank you to N for arranging this for tonight, and thank you too to someone who flew in from another country, bringing a couple of amazing bottles of wine with him, just to take me to this dinner tonight.

The real deal Bresse chicken
as part of a very grand pre-Valentine's Day dinner.,
complete with some of the most wonderful wines.
The ingredients for dinner have been flown in specially from France.
Thank you, guys, you know who you are...


Amuse Bouche of Beef Trilogy  
Vanilla Carot Veloute and Duck Liver Foam 

Tartelette of Beetroot Mousseline
Pickles Shallot 
 Pork Head Fry Buchi 



Pâté en Croute 
Classic Pâté en Croute with Duck Liver 
and French Duck Breast 
Served with Mesclun Salad, Fresh Button Mushroom and Baby Red Radish
Soil of Truffle of Port Reduction 


Bavarois of Sea Urchin and Scallop 
With Crisp Tuile of Squid Ink, Mashed Edamame, 
Hazelnut Broth Foam 


Poulet de Bresse Demi-Deuil en Deux Cuissons 

The Breast of Poulet de Bresse
Poached with sauce Supreme 
 Glazed Stuffed Cabbage with Herbed Chicken Farce
Squash Pave dusted with Black Truffle-Potato Powder

Petit Flan of Aspragus and Leeks, 
Carrots vichy 

The Leg of Poulet Bresse 
Crispy with a Truffle sauce  
French Bean and Celery Salad and Pommes Pont Neuf 



Strawberry Champagne Pralines
Wild Fruits Financier
Pistachio Nougat 

Salted Caramel Ice Cream 
Kouign Amman

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