Saturday, January 30, 2016

The best selling chocolate in Japan for Valentine's Day 2016. And about a successful marketing idea.

Valentine's Day in Japan is synonymous with chocolate, and in particular with women giving chocolate to all the men in their lives including husbands, boyfriends, bosses and colleagues.

Actually, you might cut the wives out of the picture as most wives know their husbands actually don't like chocolate that much and this Valentine's Day ritual in Japan was initiated by several chocolate manufacturers who needed to increase their chocolate sales.

In fact, most Valentine's Day chocolate gifts brought home by men from the office, given by their female colleagues as "giri choco" is just eaten by the wives and children.

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But what a great idea that turned out to be.

Many women spend lots of time and money buying Valentine's day chocolate -- really good chocolate for the special ones, and what they call "giri choco"  (courtesy chocolate) for everyone else.

And if you add up the expenses, these purchases constitute a small fortune.




The best-selling chocolate in Japan these days is called Cubed Chocolat and it's made by a chocolate specialty maker in the Tokyo suburb of Jiyugaoka. It's also available online.

This chocolate costs just under 4,000 yen and it reportedly uses about 1 kilogram of high quality chocolate to create this mix of different flavours.

Everyone who receives this reportedly loves it, and this chocolate has been selling like hotcakes for the past four years.

There's also a long line at the Jiyugaoka store to buy this. So I think I'll just go online to buy chocolate, on just another day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.

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