Sunday, December 20, 2015

The great team onboard the AmaPrima of AMA Waterways. And what makes a river cruise so enjoyable.

Wow, AMA Waterways, your staff on the AmaPrima river ship rocks.

Every single staff member I encountered on this boat has been wonderful, making my friends and I feel so at home, and so many of your staff have gone the extra hundred miles in different ways.


I stay in hotels or travel on boats, planes and trains every week, so I certainly know a great team when I encounter one.

And I am so impressed with the team on the AmaPrima boat we have been sailing with, especially considering this is a luxury river cruise but not an over the top one.

Every single staff member is multi-tasking so they each must have a hundred things to do at any given time. But they always have time to talk with us, undertake requests and make sure the guests are having a great time.


In Regensburg, Germany the other day, for instance, I was standing by the cashier counter at a store when I met one of the ladies who man the ship's reception, who was standing in line to make a purchase.

"Why are you waiting there?" She asked me, as I looked troubled and I was standing in a very odd place.

I'd left my credit card somewhere in the store, you see, and I was trying to get this credit card back.

Giving her the short story of my credit card woes, I simply said: "I can't buy anything until I find my credit card."

She then said very sweetly: "I can give you some money first, if you wish."

I was very surprised and touched by this gesture.


Then there's the team that went out of their way one afternoon to arrange a big cookie decorating session for our group in the Chef's Table restaurant at one end of the ship.

They spent precious time and effort to make this such a wonderful afternoon.


Yesterday, too, my friends and I had a five-and-a-half hour lunch at Steirereck in Vienna, one of the best restaurants in the world.

We'd all enjoyed, having way too much food and wine as we'd done the gastronomic tasting course and the accompanying wine pairing.

When we left Steirereck, the first guests for dinner were already having their first course.

Unfortunately, the restaurant had forgotten to return to me a fur hat that I'd checked in with them, and I only realised this when I got back onboard the ship.


This was 30 minutes before sailing out of Vienna for Budapest, so I asked the hotel manager to call Steirereck and see what he could do.

But basically I had given up on my hat, with 30 minutes to go before departing Vienna and no one answering the phone at Steirereck.

With great effort on the part of the ship's hotel manager, the hat was returned to me on the ship -- how this happened, I still don't know -- and he even personally brought it to my cabin.


Wow. Big things and little things like these on the part of the ship team certainly make a cruise more wonderful.

Will I sail with AMA Waterways again? Absolutely. A big thank you to the AmaPrima team for going the extra hundred miles for us all.

And I can't wait to plan another cruise with them, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.


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