Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The doctor's advice was to eat more wagyu steaks and toro sashimi. And what to do to raise iron levels

In Tokyo yesterday, living a #Travelife, I went to see my doctor for a follow-up consultation, having had a series of extensive examinations on my last trip.

This time, it was still the same happy set of results. Almost everything completely normal, with no major problems.

Except a lack of iron.

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Because I generally don't eat meat outside of Japan and New York, which are two cities with great steaks that I'll happily eat every single day, the doctor said I needed more iron in my diet.

It was either that or iron pills, and I certainly wasn't going to take the latter.

"You need to eat more steaks and more tuna, for instance," my doctor said. "Eat more o-toro and chu-toro. That should help your iron levels."

Here are some other things I learned:

1) Iron deficiency affects many women, especially in Asia. So if you feel your energy levels are consistently low and you haven't had a major check-up in a while, you might get a blood test that will also include iron levels among many other things.

2) Low iron levels can lead to other physical conditions so it's best to get this remedied as soon as possible -- especially as it's not too difficult to do.

3) The best way to increase one's iron levels is through food -- by eating more food with iron in it, as well as by cooking in cast-iron pans.

4) Iron supplements are the last resort because many people have negative reactions to these.


Someone accompanied me to the doctor's office just for want of something better to do. He couldn't believe what he heard.

"You must be one of the luckiest people in the world," he said to me afterwards. "I can't believe that your only health issue involves eating more wagyu and chu-toro."

And then after that, we headed for one of the best steak restaurants in Tokyo to celebrate my luck and to follow the doctor's orders.

Yes, I really am lucky, and each day, I never forget it, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.   

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