Saturday, November 28, 2015

An Ilocos bazaar in Forbes Park with bagnet and longganisa to raise funds for a museum. And about year-end spring cleaning before flying off to Europe for Christmas holidays.

My Christmas tree this year...

Yesterday was a really busy day back at home, living a #Travelife, so I actually forgot to take photos of anything.

But after some minor attempts at spring cleaning and final touches on the Christmas decor in the morning, I headed over to a home in South Forbes Park to stock up on Ilocos goodies.

Decor in my home this Christmas...

This annual bazaar is organised by well-meaning and hardworking ladies of society to raise funds for a museum in Ilocos.

They have every possible Ilocos goodie for sale at reasonable prices so it's worth it to stock up at this bazaar.

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I ended up purchasing lots of longganisa and bagnet straight from Ilocos, as well as things like organic honey and natural sea salt. 

Natural sea salt is increasingly hard to find in Manila, even at the organic bazaars and other weekend bazaars, so I was really happy to buy lots of this.

Decor in my home this Christmas...

Then, as we were nearing lunch and large tents were set up in the lawn with catering services by Via Mare, we all commandeered tables and enjoyed Filipino delicacies like non-commercial empanada full of longganisa and egg, and pancit malabon with slices of crispy bagnet.

I bought these Christmas balls just the other day...


There were also some interesting crafts like handprinted fans, Filipiniana-inspired clothing, and beautiful Ilocos blankets.

I was so tempted to get an Ilocos blanket for my room, but I'm currently under strict instructions to myself to first finish spring cleaning and throwing out all the unnecessary items that have accumulated through the year, before making any more interior-related purchases.

So I just bought food and said hello to friends. All in all, a very nice morning in Forbes Park, shopping for a good cause and living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.

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