Friday, October 2, 2015

Everyone in Travelife Magazine is really living a #Travelife. Pragueand Seoul last week, Bangkok, La Union, Hokkaido and Marrakech thisweekend.

From Pollonaruwa in Sri Lanka sometime back
to Marrakech this weekend,
everyone's going to be living a #Travelife...
Everyone in Travelife Magazine really is living a #Travelife. This is where we are, where we've just been in the last week, and where we're headed this weekend.

PS: I'm on my way to Casablanca this weekend for some R&R before my 35 friends arrive in Morocco for two weeks of fun.

Last weekend:

Gel Bayona, Travelife Magazine General Manager,
in the Czech Republic last week,
living a #Travelife...

Gel Bayona
General Manager

Czech Republic 
to attend a medieval festival
with a side trip to Munich, Germany


This weekend:

Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan
in Sapporo this weekend

Ceia Ylagan 
Managing Editor


Bryan Arevalo
Creative Director

and the Travelife TV Team

Hokkaido, Japan
for a cover shoot
and a television episode

The Travelife Magazine and Travelife TV teams
in Hokkaido last weekend,
living a #Travelife....


Last week:

Travelife Finance Officer Maricel Diosana
in Seoul, Korea

Maricel Diosana
Finance Officer
South Korea 
for a feature story


All happening this week:

Aaron Hernandez
Marketing Manager
to attend an international conference

Kevin Lapena
Business Development Manager
Marrakech this weekend
as advance party for our Travelife to Morocco

Mela Pantaleon
Account Executive
La Union 
for a feature story


Travelife Contributing Editor Gabby Malvar
in Cesky Krumlov

Gabby Malvar

Dondi Joseph

David Lim

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