Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The opening of XO46 Bistro Filipino at SM Aura

With XO46 owners Andrew and Sandee Masigan and friends

There were lots of things happening all over the city tonight, including a dinner at the City of Dreams hosted by a car company and the opening of the BenCab exhibit in Makati. But I didn't go to any except the opening of XO46, the delicious Filipino bistro with a new branch at SM Aura.

Here I bumped into lots of friends including several who had joined our #Travelife to Turkey so many years ago. How nice to see them again. 

Then, of course, some people traveling to Casablanca this weekend to join me for a #Travelife to Morocco next week were there, too. I'm so psyched for this trip, by the way.


The who's who of the Spanish community were also there, beginning with Spanish Ambassador Luis Calvo and his wife, and the top businesspersons behind La Camara, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

The food alone was worth going for as all the dishes are well-researched and then very well adapted to improve on the old tastes and flavours.

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I started with a kinilaw that I could not stop eating and then went on to a bihon noodle dish with crab fat, before ending up with callos, embotido and chicken pastel.

I couldn't pass up dessert either, as they had these very colourful sapin-sapin desserts which tasted as good as they looked.

I've been trying to be very good before this big gastronomic trip to Morocco with 35 friends beginning this weekend.

In fact, I've booked two Pilates sessions and have been diligently doing my 10,000 steps on my FitBit although tonight I stopped at 7,800 steps.

But it hasn't looked good at all on the food front, having wonderful dinners every night, living a never-endingly delicious #Travelife.

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