Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fletcher Pilates at UP Pilates Studio by Brenda Lim

Fletcher Pilates at UP Pilates Studio by Brenda Lim

So this morning, the first order of the day, living a #Travelife, was a much-needed private Pilates session with Brenda Lim at UP Pilates, which I think is the best Pilates studio in the country.

It has a complete set of Pilates equipment and it's very private. When you book a session with Brenda, it's just you and her in the studio and so you don't have to share the space with other teachers or students.

Some people may think I'm being overly fussy, wanting to have an entire studio to myself, as many other Pilates studios do offer one-on-one with teachers but you've got to share the studio with other teachers and their students.

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But it really does wonders for the concentration to do Fletcher Pilates, especially as I find that Pilates is not only a physical exercise but also a form of meditation or mental yoga.

It's fantastic and ever so relaxing having a two-in-one session for someone like myself who is so time-poor, but it's impossible to be in a state of meditation if someone in the same studio is talking about what they did last weekend or where they're headed next year for vacation -- and you just can't help overhearing their conversation.

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Today I felt like my whole body had been stretched.

It's an incredibly personalised session so you can tell Brenda what you need or want, or what you wish to accomplish, and then she works out a program for you.

Those who go regularly also have their own more structured programs, but I'm not one of those lucky ones able to go every week as I'm more often in an airplane than in a Pilates studio. So when I'm able to book a session, I simply tell Brenda my wish-list.

My wish-list includes an instantly toned body after 60 minutes, by the way; but Brenda just laughs when I say this.

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At UP PILATES STUDIO, Pilates practitioners develop a better physique by strengthening the core, relieving stress and tension in the body, and improving muscle flexibility.

The 60-minute sessions relieve overall pain and reduce injury. But most importantly, Pilates increases overall concentration, creates more joy in relationships and allows practitioners to enjoy a better quality of life.

UP Pilates Studio practices Fletcher Pilates®, an organic, movement-based approach developed by Ron Fletcher, a 20-year student and protégé of Joseph and Clara Pilates.


Fletcher Pilates® follows unique standing and centering cues which sets up body alignment. This is followed by the 12 Fletcher Pilates® Principles that focus precision, control, breath, oppositional energy and rhythm.

These principles emphasize the quality of movement that results in better posture, tone, health, and energy without the strain or fatigue of some forms of exercise.

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Brenda will be presenting an educational event from January 27-31, 2016 entitled “Every Body is Beautiful,” based on Ron Fletcher’s 1978 book.

The event, to be held at the Joya Lofts and Towers in Rockwell Center, Makati, will be lead by a guest teacher from the US, Kyria Sabin, Director of Fletcher Pilates International.

The event starts with a five-day Advance Intensive workshop for Pilates teachers and finishes with The Fletcher Experience, a three-hour session open to anyone who is interested in experiencing Fletcher Pilates.

Tel. (63)(2) 551-7002 | (63) 9154895589 

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