Thursday, September 24, 2015

Competitions with the FitBit. And about walking through the entire Marrakech very soon.

On my way to a tapas dinner with friends tonight, living a #Travelife, I stopped by my neighbourhood supermarket to pick up some ice cream for someone.

What do you know?

I bumped into one of the guys who had visited me in Tokyo over the summer, and he and his wife had been responsible for getting me into the FitBit thing. In fact, until I left for my two-week cruise around Japan, he and I were engaged in some serious competition to make the most steps per day with our gadgets.

"You must be tying your FitBit on the legs of a child or a dog," he would tease me, via FitBit messaging, when I made it past the 10,000 mark. There was a time I was doing around 11,000 to 12,000 steps a day.

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14,000 STEPS A DAY

Most of the time he was #1 and I was #2 simply because he was diligently doing something like 14,000 steps a day. But every so often I actually beat him on the weekly average.

And as he lives somewhere else in the world, and there he was in my supermarket carrying a cup of coffee, I said to him: "I didn't know you were in Manila." Last I'd seen him was in Tokyo, and he'd been on his way to Los Angeles after that.

"I'm just here for 24 hours," he said, "but I'm doing my steps."


And with that, he whipped out his iPhone as we stood waiting for our cars in the driveway and went onto the FitBit app to check how many steps he'd already done today vs. how many steps I'd done today.

He then teased me: "I'm 6800 already, and you're just 4800."

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Not one to lose a fight, I said: "I can easily do 2000 steps before dinner to catch up with you, and finish off the rest later."

I so could not do this actually, as I was running late and there was traffic on the way to Donosti, tonight's restaurant. But I decided to step up to the plate anyway.


And he said: "Well, I'm going for a run around the polo field in a while. I'll easily double what I've already done." On his part, he really looked like he was headed for the Manila Polo Club to get a run done before dinner.

As my car drove up to the curb and I opened the door to get in, I said: "Better get ready, though. I'm headed for Marrakech soon and I'm going to walking the entire town for a week..."

Living a never-ending #Travelife, of course...

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