Monday, August 3, 2015

Making 10,000 steps everyday with my FitBit device

A picnic in Tokyo to celebrate
a clean bill of health from the doctor
and a healthier life with the FitBit

24 hours into using the FitBit and I wake up in Tokyo the other day with two messages waiting for me on my laptop from two friends across the oceans.

These were the same friends who'd been with me for one week in Tokyo, and the day before, they'd flown out of Japan towards another part of the world.


Before they flew out of Japan, I'd bought my FitBit and we'd synced our devices so that we could all see how many steps each was doing in real-time.

And on my first day using the device, I'd done over 10,000 steps.

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When they landed somewhere halfway around the world, and checked their own devices, they just couldn't believe I'd done 10,000 steps on my first day using the FitBit device.

Actually, I'd probably done more as I'd only bought my FitBit at lunch time and I'd set it up at around 4 PM.

So I walked 10,000 steps the other day,
and then this is what I had for dinner in Tokyo,
living a #Travelife...


Anyway, one message said: "10,000 steps in your first 24 hours? That's hard to believe."

Hmm. Talk about a vote of confidence here.

The other message actually said: "Are you sure you didn't give it to some child to run around with??"

Of course I was doing the steps myself.

As I've already mentioned in this blog, when I get into something, I get into something to be #1. And it's fun being in friendly competition with my friends all around the world in real-time, living a never-ending, and never-endingly healthy #Travelife.

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