Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aracama at the Fort has excellent kare kare

Over the weekend, living a #Travelife, I had a very nice lunch at Aracama at the Fort. I pass this restaurant all the time but I'd never actually eaten there until a few days ago as I get to choose where to eat so rarely in my Travelife in Manila.

What a nice surprise this restaurant was.

The first impression was good, of nice interiors and a clean environment. Then when I looked at the menu, everything was put so deliciously that I had a hard time deciding what to order.

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But the kare-kare was first on my list, as I tend to order this wherever and whenever I see it on the menu of a restaurant. Of course, since I order kare-kare rather non-discriminately at every restaurant, I end up having a hit or miss experience.

But in general, I find that the kare-kare available in the general PhP 500 price range is way too full of cheaper cuts of meat (vis-a-vis the really good stuff like the oxtail) and peanut butter, which is used by many restaurants to flavour the sauce.

Chocnut ice cream for dessert
at Aracama, living a #Travelife...


So imagine my surprise to find a really good kare-kare for only 520 pesos at Aracama -- and one that is good for four persons, at that. It had enough quality cuts of meat so that everyone could get a decent piece.

This is not often the case, by the way. Most of the time there's only one or two decent pieces of meat, and when someone gets these, everyone else is left with a bit of tripe and vegetables.


The sauce of the kare-kare at Aracama, too, is very flavourful. I have no idea if they use peanut butter, but it certainly wasn't apparent at first taste.

The vegetables, too, were added in a very creative way. They chopped the vegetables up into small pieces lumpia-style and then wrapped these in green leaves so that the vegetables were on top of the kare-kare, remaining crispy and sauce-less.

I can tell you that this kare-kare certainly made my weekend, in Manila, living a #Travelife.  

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