Saturday, June 20, 2015

A trip to Morocco coming up, with friends joining us from London, Madrid, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Last night, in Manila living a #Traveife, I had dinner with some of the core group members of our upcoming #Travelife to Morocco.

The idea for this trip began with a small group, planned over dinner with one of our Travelife Sri Lanka groups, as they all wanted to go somewhere together again.

And now, by word of mouth, it's grown into a big and wonderful group of over 30 friends and friends of friends, so we're all very excited.

This photo was taken almost exactly one year ago,
at one of my favourite hotels in the world,
in Marrakech, living a #Travelife...

Many are flying in from Manila, but quite a lot are also landing in Casablanca from places as disparate as London, Madrid, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo. 

One group of friends is even flying in after walking the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela.

As for me, I'm arriving early and flying out later than everyone else.

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Of course, I've picked some of my favorite hotels and most of my favourite restaurants for this trip, and I can envision lots of fun, laughter and late nights.

We've rented out two riads in the city of Fes, for instance, and last night someone suggested that everyone bring several bottles of wine each to Morocco so we can really have a party.

In Fes last year, living a #Travelife


And as this trip falls on my birthday, I recently thought that I'd make it a big birthday party as well, and make one dinner in one of my favourite restaurants in Marrakech into a very special one. 

I already have just the birthday present to myself in mind, to buy in Morocco. 

I've bought almost everything I want in Morocco save for a stand-alone antique tea burner and server that's about waist-high. I had my eye on it last trip, but I just didn't have space left.


I'm flying out to London in a few hours so I didn't cook dinner last night as I've been so busy wrapping everything up.

Instead I ordered takeouts from my favourite sushi place and arranged these nicely on a large sushi display counter.

As for the conversation last night, oh my goodness. I wish I could blog about it. 

But if this is an omen of things to come in Morocco, living a #Travelife, we're certainly in for one very memorable trip.

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