Friday, April 17, 2015

Travelife Magazine spends the weekend island-hopping in Coron, and staying at The Funny Lion Inn

Travelife Magazine's indefatigable duo, general manager Gel Bayona and contributor Remi Ralte, daughter of the Ambassador of India, spent a whirlwind Travelife sort of weekend in beautiful Coron, Palawan.



In Coron, they stayed at newly opened The Funny Lion Inn and learned that there was more to the city than meets the eye.

Our girls landed in Coron on a sunny Friday afternoon to warm greetings by Kata Agmata, Marketing Director of ‘One of Collection’ and Nikki Cauton, owner of The Funny Lion Inn and Amorita Resort in Bohol.

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After lunch at the hotel's Hunt Restaurant, partaking of Asian inspired delicacies, the girls had a quick siesta in the Pride Suites before journeying onwards to the Maquinit Hot Springs.

The three salt water pools of varying degrees ranged from 38 to 41 degrees Celsius. The staff of The Funny Lion were very thoughtful to bring extra towels and bottles of cold water and juices -- especially as the girls didn’t realize how dehydrating soaking in water can be.


Day Two started bright and early with clear blue skies and calm waters, perfect for a day of island hopping and exploring.

The girls were taken to six locations:

Siete Pecados (7 Sins)
Twin Lagoon
Beach 91 for lunch
Coron Youth Camp
Coral Garden
Kayangan Lake


Siete Pecados and Coral Garden are ideal snorkeling locations.

The minute you put your head under the surface of the clear water, all you see are the beautiful colors of fish and reef.

Twin Lagoon and the ever popular Kayangan Lake are also a must- see. Or in this case, a must-swim, as the waters there are a mix of both fresh and salt water with respective varying percentages. If you look closely you can even see the reaction of elements in the water. 

The added adventure of climbing up and down 300 steps to the lake is well worth it too. When you reach the top of the first 150 steps, the view from both sides of the hill are breathtaking -- from the shapes of the mountains to the ever clear blue-green sea.


For seafood lovers, Coron is a gold mine of fresh lobster, crabs, grouper, prawn and squid.

Each meal prepared at The Funny Lion leaves your taste buds wanting more even when your stomach says enough! Pride Rock Bar located on the rooftop of the resort is perfect for sundowners in either one of the two jacuzzis where you can sit, soak and sip on a refreshing cucumber fizz while watching the sun set slowly behind the mountains with hues of red, orange and violet streak out over the sea and sky.

To top off a full day of sight-seeing in Coron, the girls lounged by the infinity pool enjoying the sun.
Remi said: "Drifting off to sleep has never felt this wonderful as one dreams of and looking forward to what is next in the program, in our never ending ending Travelife."



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