Tuesday, March 3, 2015

About a black pork curry lunch at Paradise Gallery, and looking for men in Colombo. And the one thing someone will never do.

So last week, in Colombo, living a #Travelife, there we were having a very nice lunch at Paradise Gallery, which is one of the nicest casual but stylish restaurants in the city.

The atmosphere is Sri Lankan with a contemporary touch, and they make excellent desserts.

I go to Paradise Gallery every time I'm in Colombo, and I don't think I've ever had a dessert here that I didn't like.

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Two trips ago, I tasted a passionfruit cheesecake here, for instance.

I love passionfruit, but I'm not really a cheesecake person and I don't usually like fruit desserts. My friends all know that I'll always pick the chocolate treat from the dessert list.

But even now, I still dream about this passionfruit cheesecake.


This time, though, for lunch I went back to my old favourite for dessert, and had a molten chocolate cake.

I'd done up the lunch menu for our entire group of 13 ladies from Manila, Cebu and Madrid, and the two choices for dessert had been chocolate.

Fortunately, everyone enjoyed the meal, including the black pork curry I'd chosen for the main course.


And it was just about at the time of dessert that a fashionably-dressed Sri Lankan lady, who happens to be a famous chef and author on the island, as well as a good friend of one of my companions, walked in specifically to say hello to us.

After the usual niceties, I think she asked something like: "Where are all the men?"


Well, all the men had been left at home as this was a spa, arts and crafts and shopping trip to Sri Lanka -- and, as someone teased, they have to work to pay for all the bills.

This group of ladies travel together to some pretty exotic places every so often, and the men are always left behind each time. I'd traveled with them to South India sometime back, and last September, I'd taken them around Hakone and Tokyo.

So someone responded: "This is an all-ladies group."

The Sri Lankan chef didn't miss a beat. She smiled at us and said: "Aaah. Traveling just with the girls. Now that's one thing I'll never do."

This made us all laugh, on just another wonderful day in Sri Lanka last week, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.

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