Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The best fish and chips in Manila

All the great British comfort food
in one plate

Tonight in #Manila, living a #Travelife, I attended an intimate dinner hosted by the British Ambassador at his home for their partners for the upcoming Great British Festival 2015.

Travelife Magazine, the leading travel and lifestyle publication, is a valued partner of this event, taking place from February 27 to March 1 at Bonifacio Global City.

More on this in a later blog entry.


For now, let me tell you about this truly delicious all-British dinner, full of really delicious comfort food that the good Ambassador had overseen himself.

And also full of interesting conversation. I enjoyed thoroughly the Ambassador's anecdotes from his life all over the world, as well as from his encounters with various dignitaries.

Singapore noodles for lunch

As for the food, I'd had a very big lunch today at a Singaporean restaurant with the wife of an ambassador today. And then, after lunch, we'd gone over to her home nearby for some home-made cake.

So this evening, still full from lunch, food was the last thing on my mind until I saw the delectable spread that the British Ambassador and his staff had prepared.



Everything was very good -- in fact, good enough to throw my diet out the window -- but the fish and chips was my favourite.

Wonderful steak and kidney pie

I love fish and chips, you see, but I have never ever tasted a truly good one in Asia. And even in Britain, it's hard to find fish and chips that I think is really good.

There's a lot of fish and chips everywhere, of course, but most of it is just okay in taste.



Fish and chips with lots of tartar sauce

The fish and chips tonight were the best I've had in a very long time. The batter was thin, the fish was tasty, and the frying technique was just perfect. It also helped that the tartar sauce was so good.

I asked the British Ambassador what the secret was, to his excellent fish and chips. He told me two secrets, and one of them involves using a special kind of beer not readily available in this part of the world.

Delicious apple crumble for dessert

He also told me the secret to making the best fries. Or chips, as they say in Britain.

So now I know what to do, for perfect fish and chips.

And maybe I'll serve this one day for my own comfort food dinner, with good friends somewhere in the world, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.

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