Monday, February 2, 2015

The Awesome Sunday Lego lunch at the Spectrum Restaurant of theFairmont Makati is not just for kids

Yesterday in Manila, living a #Travelife, straight from the beach, I headed for a very nice lunch at the Spectrum restaurant of the Fairmont Makati.

Together with her team and the Lego Philippines team, Monique Toda, director of public relations of the Raffles and Fairmont Makati, has created a Lego-themed Sunday lunch event that was literally a visual feast of Lego.

Called the Awesome Sunday Brunch, this Lego-themed Sunday event is ongoing for the rest of February and March.

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Everywhere in Spectrum was a fun and colourful display of Lego products, made into beautiful designs and model layouts by a three-member team of Lego Master Builders.

The Master Builders were also on hand yesterday to meet their kiddie fans and advise them on the best ways to create and have fun with Lego.

Of course, the children were all in seventh heaven  in this Lego Wonderland.

Apart from the centerpiece at the entrance, visible to all the kids whooping for joy upon entering the restaurant, the desserts were the best part about the Lego displays.

There was even a replica of the Raffles and Fairmont Makati in Lego.


The Spectrum chefs and the Lego master builders had literally created rows and rows of kiddie food -- think pink and blue sandwiches and fruits on sticks -- and tantalizing desserts that were not for children only.

All these Lego-inspired desserts and finger food made use of the talents of the Spectrum chefs and the Lego master builders.

What fun this was.

And the food was very delicious, and certainly not for children only. I especially loved the prime rib with red wine sauce, and I think I actually had three servings of this.



More on this in a later blog entry...


Then, after lunch, all the kids headed up to the second floor, where one of the function rooms had been turned into a Lego play area complete with tables and work stations for the kids and displays of Lego kits and toys everywhere.

This was where I met the three master builders of Lego Philippines.

All in all, a pretty playful and enjoyable Sunday lunch, having a wonderful lunch and living a never-ending, and never-endingly delicious #Travelife.



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