Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Filipinos take the most selfies, according to Accor. They also take the most "food-fies," which are selfies with food.

Taking photos to keep memories of their #Travelife alive has always been popular, but travellers from Asia Pacific are now taking holiday snaps to the next level. They's revelling in “food-fies” or selfies with food.

This reaffirms the importance of dining as an essential ingredient in any hotel stay, and suggests that travelers use food photos as a way of bringing their family and friends to the table when they are not with them.



According to the 2014 Accor Hotels Asia Pacific Social Media Monitor, 77% of travellers took food-fies during their last trip.

Not quite a food-fie.
But it's a photo with delicious food
and the most famous chef in the world.

Interestingly, Southeast Asians in the survey have taken the most photos so far, with those from the Philippines (54%), Indonesia (51%) and Thailand (50%) making the top three.

The survey also found women (82%) to be more snap happy than men (74%).


Travellers were more likely to have been pointing their cameras and smartphones at food (44%) than anything else. This is followed by:

landscapes (42%) 
destination landmarks (39%) 

For 38% of travellers, pictures of the hotel's views and rooms (37%) were important keepsakes


The selfie trend is also still alive and well among travelers. 21% of respondents confessed to taking selfies during their overseas trips and travellers from these countries topped the list:

Philippines (33%)
Indonesia (30%)
Malaysia (28% each) 

Emilie Couton, Vice President of Guest Experience at Accor Asia Pacific said: “Whether it is buying a postcard or a T-shirt, travellers have always been looking for ways to keep a record of their trips."

She added: #What is interesting though is how food has now become the focus of holiday photos even more than the destination or landmarks.

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