Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A steak and tuna sandwich lunch at a private kitchen, and a Moroccan chicken tagine for dinner tonight

So today in Manila, living a Travelife, I had lunch at the private kitchen of the Travel Companion. When he messaged me yesterday to invite me to lunch, he'd said: "Want to have lunch with me tomorrow? It'll be salad and tuna sandwiches."

He must be the only person in the world who invites me for a meal with the menu attached -- as if I'm going to go, or not go, based on what's cooking in the kitchen. 

This has been the case for years now, by the way. In the very beginning, it was wagyu steak and sashimi.

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So this morning, I sent him a message asking him what time lunch was, adding: "I'm getting hungry for the tuna sandwich."

Actually, I wasn't hungry for a tuna sandwich. In fact, with the way I've been eating one big meal after another, I wasn't very hungry at all. But if someone asks you out for a meal, you don't exactly complain about the food.

But then he messaged back: "1215 pm. And it's steak and pasta instead."

I just couldn't help answering back: "Great. I'm glad I got upgraded to business class."


This was going to be my third steak in 24 hours.

And I still had the remains of a very juicy rib-eye from last night's dinner in my fridge. But I was happy anyway, as I like steak a lot. In fact, I like to have mine lately, when I eat it at home, with rice, drizzled with argan oil and a little bit of salt.

We had a very nice lunch, which did include a tuna sandwich after all.

In fact, it'd probably be the most expensive tuna sandwich in Manila, if it had been available for people to order.

More on this in a later blog entry.



In the meantime, I have to head home as I promised to make a very delicious Moroccan chicken tagine tonight for my friend Mr. Jaded, and to bring this over to his home.

We're co-hosting a farewell dinner for an ambassador on Sunday at his lovely home in Forbes Park, so I have to go over there tonight and plan where everything will go and who will sit where.

It's going to be a pretty informal dinner party, but a lot of important people are going, and I've never hosted an un-seamless party yet. Mr. Jaded has hired a pianist for his grand piano and I've found a singer, and then I asked him to take care of the wines and leave the food to me.

And since I thought we need to eat anyway while we planned our dinner tonight, I offered to make us a Moroccan chicken tagine, so we could just sit and chill out in his dining room.

Besides, I've recently been making a truly excellent chicken tagine which I can't seem to stop eating recently, in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.  

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