Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A farewell dinner at the Old Manila and about a trip to Rio and the girls from Ipanema

Almost every single evening in my never-ending Travelife is wonderful and enjoyable, and tonight was especially so.

I attended an intimate farewell dinner at the Old Manila restaurant of the Peninsula Manila, for the CEO of one of the largest multinational banks operating in this city, who is leaving soon to assume a more senior role in his company in another city.

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This CEO was actually instrumental to my trip to Tanzania with the Travel Companion, just over a year ago.

Quite awhile back, you see, we'd been talking about Africa and he'd told me about a lodge he loved so much in Tanzania -- so much so that he went back twice.

In Dar es Salaam, living a Travelife...

That, in a way, was partly how the Travel Companion and I ended up in Tanzania for a pretty nice trip consisting of three safaris and one beach holiday, plus a short stay in a very nice hotel in Dar es Salaam.

We did stay in this favourite safari lodge of this CEO, of course.

So tonight, at dinner with seven other people, we talked about Travel and Life, and of course, Tanzania came up in the conversation.



Then I recalled my last two trips to Morocco, and told them about our upcoming trip to Morocco again in April.

The ladies all wanted to join me for this, especially when I told them about the food, the shopping, and the lovely hotels.

In Morocco last June, taking photos of a Travelife...


Just for fun, one of the gentlemen said he would create a rival tour, just for the men, to Brazil. It would be one big trip to Rio, and the attire for the trip would be strictly informal.

I'd told the ladies joining me in Morocco in April to bring an empty suitcase each for shopping, you see, and some nice clothes in another suitcase for a couple of lovely dinners in beautiful restaurants in Marrakech. That means two suitcases per person.

So this gentleman said in jest: "For my Rio tour, 20 guys will share just one suitcase because, basically, everyone gets to bring only one piece of clothing: a pair of Speedo trunks. And there will be only two modes of dress: either the Speedo trunks are off or on."

Of course, we all laughed at this joke.


But then I just had to add: "I hope you all know what they say about the women on the beaches in Rio, though..."

No one had heard this story -- and that's because I'd just made it up.

But anyway, I continued: "Well, those girls parading around the beaches in tiny bikinis 40 years ago?"

Everyone nodded at the image of the quintessential Ipanema girl in their heads.

Then I added the clincher: "Well, those very same girls are still parading around the beach today..."

We all laughed. What a wonderful evening this was, beginning with a lovely dinner at Old Manila and ending with two drinks for the road at the Salon de Ning, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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