Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A steak lunch at a private kitchen and then a chicken tagine dinner with Mr. Jaded in his kitchen in Forbes Park

Talk about a delicious day, literally going from one kitchen to another, but still living a Travelife.

For lunch, the Travel Companion asked me over to his private kitchen with four chefs, for what was supposed to be a simple meal of salad and tuna sandwiches.

But midway he changed his mind and decided to serve steak and pasta as well.

I ate most of the steak and I had two servings of a mango tart and a chocolate cake which was actually someone's birthday cake from the previous night.

The chocolate cake didn't do much for me, frankly, as I'm very picky about my chocolate; but I liked the mango tart a lot.


Then we had some of the Moroccan mint tea that I'd brought him from my last trip to Morocco, flavoured with sage.

I'd just bought him several boxes and this was the first time I was trying it myself -- and it was really nice, so I made up my mind to buy more of it when I go to Morocco next.

We'd enjoyed Moroccan tea so much during our holiday in Morocco last June, you see, so he asked me to buy him some more when I returned to Morocco in November.


Then in the evening, I went over to Mr. Jaded's house in Forbes Park.

We're co-hosting a dinner for an ambassador on Sunday night so there was lots to plan and decide over, including such details as the type of table cloth to use, who sits where, and how the flow of the dinner party will go.

Mr. Jaded has hired a pianist and I hired a singer -- and just this afternoon, before leaving the office, I went so far as to pick all the songs I wanted the singer to sing on Sunday.

More on this in a later blog entry.



I'm kind of a perfectionist about such things, wherever in the world I'm hosting a party, although Sunday's dinner is just a pretty relaxed evening for 16 persons, albeit pretty important ones.

When I arrived at his house, there were a bunch of cars I'd never seen lined along his long driveway -- so much so that I thought he'd turned our meeting into a party instead.

So I asked the guard who'd met my car: "Is he having a party?" I'd only brought enough for a tagine for two, after all.

It turned out that these were all his cars.


In fact, the house was empty because it was just supposed to be dinner and a planning night between us, so I had to walk all over his massive, beautiful house looking for him.

I bumped into his staff instead and got them to fire up the stove for my tagine.

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Then Mr. Jaded appeared and we talked about how everything would go, from arrival to dining, for Sunday.

And when most of the details were ironed out, save for the wines which he's taking care of and the dinner menu which is up to me, we sat around a marble island counter in the middle of his large kitchen to finally relax.


I made a chicken tagine for the second time this week and he opened a very nice bottle of white wine which we actually finished.

The best part was that he liked the tagine I made a lot, considering he is quite hard to please, and I happily let him finish most of it, as I was still very full from a steak and so much dessert at lunch with the Travel Companion.

In fact, I was still full from the steak at the farewell dinner for the CEO of a big bank last night, at the Old Manila of the Peninsula Manila, when I'd ordered a large, juicy wagyu as a main and then had a big halo-halo for dessert.

And to think yesterday and today were just another couple of delicious evenings in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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