Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jokes about EDSA, and all about the Travelife Morocco group reunion dinner at Blackbird tonight

Every day and every evening in a Travelife is pretty wonderful, but tonight was especially so.

We organised a pre-holiday reunion of the Travelife Morocco group, and so we all met up for dinner at Blackbird, taking the long corner table on the second floor which was perfect for a relaxing evening out.

Especially amidst the frenetic holiday rush.

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We had such fun in Morocco, you see.

Everyone said they so enjoyed this Travelife of a trip to Morocco; but to tell you the truth, I probably enjoyed the most.

It was just so wonderful to see Morocco again, and especially in the company of such a nice group of Travelife Magazine readers and friends.

We did lots of sightseeing, shopping, eating, and talking.

Our dinners in Morocco always lasted way into the night because we were always talking about everything under the sun.


"Best trip ever."

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Tonight we reminisced about the trip and talked about the hotels we liked most, the restaurants we had the tastiest dinners in, and just our general memories of the trip.

We also compared notes on everything from the teapots we bought to the argan oil we all have been using since returning from Morocco.


Then, there was of course the discussion about traffic in Manila, which is a hot topic these days as everyone's life is ruled by this, and particularly the traffic along EDSA.

I told them about a post I'd seen on Facebook last night, which went something like this:

"Last night I was along EDSA and I finally realised the meaning of "forever.""

And then someone else added something she'd seen on an EDSA billboard as well. I'm not sure if I got it right, but I think it went something like this:

"Being on EDSA is like breaking up. You just can't move on."

And, by the way, a newly-arrived ambassador of quipped to me recently: "I've been in Manila for four months now, and two of those months have been spent along EDSA."

Deviled eggs to start our reunion dinner tonight

We certainly laughed about those.

We missed a couple of people tonight, though, so I hope we'll have another Travelife Morocco reunion dinner sometime sooner than later in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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