Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Sunday night pre-Christmas dinner with two ambassadors, one jeweller, and a famous artist

In Manila tonight, living a #Travelife, I took two ambassadors over for dinner to the home of an old friend. This old friend happens to be a celebrated artist, and we go a long way back.


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I wanted these two ambassadors to see his beautiful home, and of course, to enjoy his quite famous hospitality.

So today, we all met at my home around the cocktail hour for some Christmas photos, and then we proceeded in a convoy to the home of this artist friend.


Everyone was completely charmed by the way my friend and his wife had fixed their home up.

Their home is truly a work of love and a haven of creativity

Every single wall space is filled with some beautiful piece of art, but the curating is so good that you don't feel visually overloaded.

Plus, as it's the Christmas season, it was really so nice to be in this lovely environment, full of talent, aesthetic sense and good taste.


The dinner table for eight persons -- we also had a jeweller from Hong Kong among us tonight -- was also set so prettily, with some of his newest works serving as a centrepiece.

So it was truly a feast for all the senses, especially as my friend had prepared an authentic Indonesian feast and opened a magnum of an excellent Napa wine.

We talked way into the night about politics, art, and the future of the Philippines, on just another wonderful Sunday in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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