Saturday, November 1, 2014

Seeing the Golden Triangle and the Anantara Elephant Camp

Travelife Magazine General Manager Angelica Bayona recently flew to Bangkok to attend the ultra-successful Incentive Travel & Conventions Meetings Asia (ITCM) double-billed with the Corporate Travel World (CTW) Asia Pacific meeting.

She sent in the following report regarding the activities post-conference.

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After this very engaging travel business expo, many of us headed to the beautiful province of Chiang Rai where the famous Golden Triangle lies at the heart of the Mekong Region.

The Golden Triangle, a term coined by the CIA, is the vast region of wooded hills, beautiful greens and forest in the northern part of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar where the Mekong river joins the three countries.

This was once the world’s largest opium poppy cultivating region until it was eclipsed by Afghanistan.


On my first day here, living a never- ending Travelife in Chiang Rai, I visited the historical Eiw Mien village and saw how the ethnic villagers preserved their rich culture.

They even delighted us with a surprise ethnic dance after enjoying a short trek through the hills and seeing the magnificent views.


Here, we were also able to do unique seedbombs in a reforestation area.

Seedbomb pitching actually entails shooting the seeds via arrows or a string that you pull hard and then giving this your best effort to strike it the farthest you can.

It was actually a lot of fun exercise doubled with a good cause.


Next stop was a visit to the beautiful Baandum Museum which showcases houses built by internationally acclaimed Thai artist Thawan Duchanee, known for his depiction of humanity’s dark sides.

The next day was a blissful morning yoga activity in the beautiful garden of Anantara resort in Chiang Rai, after which we were guided on a beautiful healthy brunch right at the Anantara Elephants camp.

The beautiful Anantara elephant camp is surrounded by mountains, a small river bank and nice reception area where one can actually play with the elephants, perfect for dinner and even more wonderful as a venue for wedding receptions.


Our next stop we was the Golden Triangle Site Seeing Point. 

It was truly amazing to see Myanmar and Laos on both sides with just a small piece of triangle land and a river separating these two countries from each other, as well as from Thailand.

Our last stop was the enchanting Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park where we had an exclusive royal dinner at Sala Khum, amidst a unique, beautiful and elegant dinner set up.

It was truly an unforgettable experience at Chiang Rai, experiencing nature as well as the region's rich cultural heritage. It truly is a “golden” opportunity indeed for tourism and investment.

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