Saturday, November 29, 2014

One of the most beautiful onsen ryokan in Japan. And about the last five weeks in Japan, the Philippines and Morocco.

Good evening from one of the loveliest onsen ryokan in Japan, living a Travelife.

I've stayed in some of the nicest hotels and inns in Japan over two decades, but I have to say that this is among the loveliest yet.

It's quite simple in design, but everything is in exceedingly good taste and, aesthetics-wise, it's flawless.

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It helps, too, that this famous hot springs inn has great history and an owner with an artistic bent, plus an ancient wooden structure on its grounds and right in front of my three-room suite, so that I can  enjoy the view of it even from my private pool.

This is my third onsen ryokan in something like five weeks, and my fifth one since September. It's so addicting.


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In fact, I was looking at an onsen book in Japanese with the most wonderful places this afternoon, and I was thinking about where to go next when I have an opportunity.

I'm hoping that plans fall into place for another hot springs trip in January.


The onsen waters are just wonderful and very relaxing, and it's so nice to just sit down to a lovely meal and enjoy calm surroundings and perfect service.

Five weeks ago, I stayed in two onsen ryokan in Hokkaido.

One of the onsen had clear waters and no smell, while the other was full of sulphur. Both were very nice in their own way and incredibly relaxing.

Tonight's onsen is also clear waters and no smell, but it's so alkaline that I felt a big difference from the very first dip into the pool.


In Hokkaido five weeks ago,
living a Travelife

And while I was taking a second dip after dinner tonight, I marvelled at how my last five weeks have been. 

I began with a couple of Michelin-starred meals in Tokyo and then journeyed on to snow and autumn leaves in hot springs towns in Hokkaido.

In Morocco until last Sunday
with some of our Travelife Magazine readers and friends

Then I went on to a busy Manila life, a beach weekend, about eight days exploring the ancient cities of Morocco with Travelife Magazine readers and friends, as well as visiting some of Morocco's best restaurants and hotels.


"Best trip ever."

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And then I had an overnight stay in Doha and a flight halfway across the world to Tokyo onboard the marvellous Dreamliner.

The Dreamliner to Tokyo a few days ago


Now here I am in Japan once more, this time by the sea, with a centuries-old national monument in front of me as I have a 13-course gastronomic dinner in one of Japan's top hot springs inns.

And I've come here just in time to enjoy the peak of the autumn leaves in this part of Japan.

Talk about full circle with the autumn leaves in Japan here, as I first saw the autumn leaves in Hokkaido five weeks ago, and now I'm catching the last of the autumn leaves here in the Chubu region of Japan.

All of this in the last five weeks, living a truly never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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