Friday, November 28, 2014

Headed for a hot springs inn in central Japan with a lunch stopover for sushi. And about the "American President."

Today in Tokyo, living a Travelife, I ended the day watching my all-time feel-good movie.

Someone had borrowed it for me and I hadn't seen it in a long time, so I decided to watch it until I felt like finally going to sleep, since I'm still trying to get out of Morocco time.

The movie is "American President" starring Annette Benning and Michael Douglas, with a very good supporting cast. This movie must be at least 20 years old, but I realised I still liked it after all these years.

I really like Michael Douglas in this film, and the script is excellent, especially if you like political stories and a bit of romance.

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Then tomorrow I'm getting up early and heading towards the central part of Japan to stay at a hot springs inn that I've been wanting to stay at for the longest time.

This hot springs inn is considered among the top ryokan in the Kanto region, but I've never managed to get there because it's about 2.5 hours by car.

My personal tolerance for car rides is about 1.5 hours under normal circumstances. Anything longer than this and I'm looking at planes and bullet trains as options.


And if I'm just getting on an airplane, the options get far wider and I prefer to make the plane ride worth it.

I always tend to head out to distances that matter such as Hokkaido or the Japan Sea Coast in the north, or to Kyushu in the south.

All these areas have pretty gorgeous hot springs inns, and there are still many truly good ryokan that I have not been to.


But as this is the only world-class ryokan I still have not been to within my idea of driving distance from Tokyo, someone talked me into it with the promise of good company and an excellent sushi lunch along the way.

I wasn't going to drive either, so this seemed acceptable enough.

The midway point from Tokyo to this ryokan is a large town that's famous for fish in this part of Japan, and apparently this sushi restaurant is worth driving long distances for.

I'll know tomorrow. But if this is so, this will be the second time I'm going the distance for good sushi in a matter of weeks.


Last month, the Travel Companion and I flew to Hokkaido and then we traveled just over 90 minutes in a car to go to the best sushi restaurant in a town called Otaru.

We weren't disappointed either. We'd had 19 pieces of sushi each, and there was not one mediocre sushi among these. We also had a couple of new types of sushi, local to the area.


The best part was the bill at the end, which was apparently so reasonable to the Travel Companion that he thought he was being given a bill for parking and that the sushi bill for two would come later.



As for the sushi tomorrow, I certainly have high hopes. 

I'll let you know how it turns out and whether it will make a lunch good enough to write about in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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