Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Great customer service onboard Qatar Airways

Good afternoon from Morocco, living a Travelife. Our group of readers and friends landed here on Monday morning to perfectly beautiful weather.

From Manila, we took Qatar Airways to Doha and then connected to Casablanca.

Onboard, I had a series of interesting experiences.

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I usually take a seat in the first two rows of the plane. 

But this time, as I took my sweet time booking my flights, I bought the last seat in business class on our flights and was relegated to the fourth row.


I've already recounted here how I'd barely made the flight out of Manila on Sunday, as I was still getting a massage at 410 PM and my flight was at 550 PM.

Thankfully I made the flight, although I had to literally race from my car to the airplane without pausing for breath.


Onboard, it was the perfect storm. Qatar Airways is always very good in terms of overall flight experience.

This year alone, I've flown them on four round trip long-haul flights on business class. So you might say I'm a pretty good customer.

That's some of us yesterday in Fes, Morocco


But on the flight on Sunday, I lucked out on my choice of main course even after my order had been accepted and my entertainment set-up didn't work.

To top it off, the stewardess in charge of my section mistook the fourth row for Siberia and forgot to give me everything from my overnight kit to my drinks.

Not a big deal, although I did pay top dollar for a business class seat and so I was entitled to Qatar's usual excellent business class service.

This wasn't a freebie or an upgrade.


The supervisor was most apologetic so I wasn't inclined to make a fuss. She said to me: "You're probably having a terrible flight."

I wasn't going to make a big deal out of everything, but I wasn't going to sugarcoat it either. My friends and my staff know I'm the most direct person in the world.

So I calmly said: "This is probably the worst flight out of all my flights with Qatar. And your stewardess seems to have forgotten that the fourth row exists."


The supervisor did everything she could to make the flight experience better for me. 

She was excellent. She even kneeled by my seat for the longest time, until she was sure my video was working.

Then I got off in Doha and worked straight through the layover at the spanking new Qatar business class lounge. I needed to catch up on a mountain of work, to ensure I could relax in Morocco.


What a surprise then to board the flight from Doha to Casablanca four hours later and to have the cabin crew fully updated by the supervisor on my previous flight regarding my experience.

I was still stuck in the fourth row, but I was the very first person approached by the cabin crew for meal choices. They apologized for the previous flight and asked me for my dinner and breakfast choices ahead of everyone else.

A stewardess said to me: "We want to make sure you get your choices this time. "

How's that for great customer service? I'm certainly riding them again in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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