Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dinner with friends tonight before flying to Morocco. And planning a Travelife to Japan again next year.

So tonight in Manila, living a Travelife, I got together with friends from one of our Travelife Sri Lanka groups for dinner.

Not everyone could make it, but those who did sure had a wonderful time tonight catching up and talking about Travel and Life.

And making plans for next year.

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Someone said: "Let's all go away somewhere again."

We'd had a fantastic time together in Sri Lanka, and it had been one non-stop laughing holiday. With some culture, history, good food and shopping in between, of course.

So tonight we all looked at our diaries and found a week that we could all go away in 2015.

The destination was even immaterial as long as we could go somewhere away together. Someone asked me to plan Vietnam, while another person asked me to plan Japan -- anywhere in Japan, since no one knows Japan like us at Travelife.

At dinner tonight,
living a Travelife.


Personally, I was fine for either.

I'm traveling all the time so destinations are almost secondary to me, too. I can be happy anywhere and I can find something to enjoy in most places.

I'm also happy to revisit places I've already been to again and again, as the experience is always different depending on who you're with.


Finally, someone said: "Let's just go to Japan."

I asked: "Where in Japan?"

He said: "Up to you. Anywhere."

So now I'm thinking about what places and activities to include for a really nice trip to organise for this group of friends in Japan, a country I know like the back of my hand.

It's really nice to plan a trip with friends who truly want to Travelife with us and who are so enthusiastic about it. So I really want to make sure it's a fantastic trip.

I'm also planning a luxury Sri Lanka holiday right now for another group, focusing on the best that this beautiful destination has to offer. I just did the itinerary today, and it looks amazing.


Morocco for the 2nd time in five months

But first things first.

Tomorrow I'm flying off to Morocco with another group of people on what promises to be a pretty amazing trip. I handpicked all the hotels and restaurants, and chose all the menus down to dessert, so it's going to be very nice.

It's going to be Morocco, the Travelife way. We're even occupying the entire section of business class on the way to Casablanca.

As for me, I've scheduled some serious shopping time for myself and booked a couple of wonderful spas for some private R&R, on just another wonderful trip in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

PS: It's been a really hectic couple of days, but I hope to catch up to speed on this blog soon by working on the airplane as I fly halfway across the world. 

Catch our blog entries on a wonderful lunch at the Peninsula Manila, the Belgian National Day celebrations and the opening night of the musical Grease -- all on Friday.

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