Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Booking one of the best hot springs inn in Japan

So at the end of the month, living a Travelife, straight from Morocco, I'm headed to Tokyo on the Dreamliner because I happened to find a business class ticket on the Dreamliner to Tokyo that was way cheaper than a ride back to Manila on a 777.

It was a no brainer, especially as the Dreamliner is landing in Haneda from the Middle East and someone's sending a car to pick me up at the airport.

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I wasn't planning another trip to Japan so soon -- or for the rest of the year, for that matter -- but this cheap ticket just gave me a good excuse to do so and spend a day or two catching up with friends over some excellent Michelin-starred meals.

There's one Michelin two-star restaurant I really want to go back to, in particular, as it really blew my mind away.


Then someone suggested a hot springs trip, just for one night.

This was exactly what I'll need after Morocco so I immediately said yes, although I wanted a hot springs ryokan that is on the world-class level, within driving distance of Tokyo, and somewhere I've never been.

These are pretty tough conditions so there's not too many of these, by the way.


I actually knew exactly where I wanted to go but for some reason I was just too busy and too lazy to do something about it this morning myself.

This morning, too, I'd just been reviewing the final details of my upcoming trip to Morocco, as well as doing the itinerary for a luxury trip to Sri Lanka for a group of ladies and planning a ski weekend in late February with another family.


Then the Travel Companion had rung me up with another tempting travel offer, even if he knew I was still upset with him over something in Tokyo two weeks ago. Or perhaps because of that.

He'd said to me: "Is this conversation going to be just about that, or do you want to talk about something else?"

So I was basically too full of travel to think about this onsen ryokan trip at the end of November. I let someone else do all the work, and instead, I kept sending back the suggestions being emailed to me from Tokyo, for the right onsen ryokan to book.

Finally, a message popped up in my In Box as I was on my computer, as I still don't have my phone back: "You are completely spoiled and so hard to please."

Of course it was just a tease, but I guess I am hard to please, especially for private holidays. I like booking only the very best places.


But finally, we got a reservation this afternoon for the exact ryokan I had in my mind all along.

Apparently, someone canceled at this very famous and luxurious hot springs ryokan, and so we are good to go.

I hope it snows while I'm there because there's nothing nicer than being in a hot springs pool as snow is falling on the ground, on just another wonderful and pretty delicious adventure in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. 

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