Friday, October 17, 2014

2 wonderful lunches, 1 dinner at Old Manila and a night out at Salon de Ning

Today, back at home for once in Asia, living a Travelife, I had a birthday almost too wonderful for words. 

But I'll write about some of it when I reach Japan sometime this weekend, and finally are able to get some time to pause for breath.

What a surprise to find my office decorated so festively today!

I had two wonderful birthday lunches today -- one early at the office, so nicely planned by the Travelife team, and one late one with my dear friend M. 

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And then tonight it was a very nice dinner at the newly-opened Old Manila of the Manila Peninsula, hosted by another dear friend, followed by a night at Salon de Ning, where DJ Boyet Almazan was playing 80s music.

How nice was that?

Salon de Ning has been the venue for many wonderful memories. 

Watch us next month on ANC's On The Money, by the way...


The opening party of Salon de Ning a few years ago was one of the best and most effortlessly stylish parties in Manila in years. That was truly a party to end all parties. 

And I still remember how we arrived at about 7 pm and ended up being the ones to close Salon de Ning down on its very first night of operation, drinking champagne and lychee mojitos all night, and ending the evening with a tapsilog and bangus breakfast in the lobby at 530 AM. 

And, boy, was that so fun.

Since then, I've spent the first hours of every single new year here too, so far. So it was pretty appropriate to spend the last hours of my birthday here too, for 2014.

As for today, too many nice things happened today. But some of the things that touched me the most were the messages I received. 


First, the Travelife Magazine team, which is a fantastic team, by the way, gave me a jar full of notes they'd written. 

I've put it in my suitcase to read this weekend in Tokyo. But I was so touched that everyone took the time to write a note.

Then my friend M and I had a late lunch, which worked out perfectly for both our schedules. We met up at Rockwell, at the new restaurant of Malou Fores, for lunch, and already on the table were a couple of delicious tapas and a bag of birthday goodies.

Along with this lovely gift was a really touching message. 

The last part of it said: "May this give you images of places that we should travel together to." I really loved this.

And how appropriate and how wonderful this was, for a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Good night for now, as I have to wake up pretty early to catch a flight to Tokyo, to make it to a Michelin three-star restaurant for another happy birthday dinner with friends, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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