Sunday, September 28, 2014

Racy talk in a business class lounge while waiting for my flight for a spa holiday

So here I am in another airport lounge somewhere in Asia, living a Travelife, and completely focused on answering emails and trying to choose about ten different spa treatments.

I'm headed for one of my favourite destinations in the world, for a little "me" break. Or call it an advanced birthday gift to myself, perhaps.

Either way, I was too busy to look forward to this "mini break" until last night, but by this morning I was positively psyched. Especially when the spa sent me their updated menu.

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It's serious business to choose spa treatments from a list as long -- or even longer -- as the wine list of a fancy restaurant with a serious wine cellar in Paris.

And since I want to maximise my stay and match the available times to the treatments on my shortlist, I really needed to focus.


Then there was this girl seated next to me about 15 minutes ago, in jeans and a rather revealing top, with her bare feet up on the chair.

That alone is not enough to hold my attention, of course, save for the fact that her bare feet where dangling from the chair in a venue where everyone else was seated primly looking at a laptop or a phone.  

But then she started speaking to some guy on her mobile phone.

That's not too bad, but then she put her mobile into speaker phone mode so everyone else was privy to their conversation, and she began talking in a baby voice too loud for me not to hear.

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"Are you missing me already?" She asked him.

That alone, at the outset, kind of reminded me of someone I know, who perpetually likes to ask this type of question. But that's beside the point.

"Of course I am, honey cakes," he said. I don't know if he realised he was on speaker phone.

"Are you going to sleep now?" She asked him next, making me think "he" must be in a different time zone.

"Yup," he replied. "Dropping off soon."

Then she asked: "Want me to sing to you?"

And without waiting for a reply, she sang just one phrase of a song I thought I knew, but I can't seem to place: "Everything's going to be all right..."


No response from the guy. Maybe he was busy on Facebook, for all she knew.

"Are you going to dream of me?" She then asked.

By this time, I almost dropped my iPhone and my Blackberry, as I was trying to post something on Instagram with my iPhone and answer an email on my Blackberry at the same time, while the spa menu was on my laptop in a PDF file.

This is a public lounge after all, although all around us seem to be men in suits who don't seem to be paying attention to conversations in English.

Anyway, this girl seemed very pleased with this response, and she said: "Don't dream of me too much. You know what happens when you do that..."

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Oh my goodness. I almost spoke up after that, but I decided to move seats instead and leave her alone to coo on her phone.

I needed to finish my spa treatment orders before I boarded my flight as I'm positively anal about getting everything I want on a spa holiday at this particular place.


Is this sensible conversation in a business class lounge?

Or am I just being sour grapes because I'm not talking to anyone in that way on a speaker phone before my flight?

Sigh. Just another day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. 

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