Monday, September 22, 2014

Loading up on Korres, apivita, and other Greek organic and detox products, on a shopping weekend in Athens

In Greece, living a Travelife, I indulged in some of my favourite things from this part of the world: organic skincare and health products.

This "passion" for organic skincare products from Greece began about ten years ago, when I discovered Korres products on a holiday in Athens.

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I still remember how I'd spent the weekend in Athens at the Grande Bretagne, and then we went on for a week-long holiday along the Athenian Coast at the Arion Astir Palace Hotel.

The Arion Astir Palace Hotel is an Athens institution and a favourite of the local powers and brokers.


It's a member of the Luxury Collection, just like the Grande Bretagne and the King George, two of the most prestigious hotels in Athens.

The Arion Astir Palace Hotel is about 40 minutes' drive away from the city centre though, along a beautiful coast. It's quite amazing actually, that it's so near Athens and yet already a world away.

It's perfect for a quick getaway as you can land in Athens and just drive to the resort instead of taking a connecting flight.


Anyway, it was on this Greek holiday ten years ago that I discovered Korres, and I brought home a whole bag of products.

Since then Korres has grown in an incredible way to become a big cult skincare brand, especially for people like me who prefer products without chemicals and artificial ingredients.


On this trip, half my bag is full of new kinds of health and skincare products, and this has been the source of never-ending teasing among my companions.

I just love walking into a Greek pharmacy and looking at what's new and what's interesting.

I bought a new Korres product at the outset of the trip, for instance, and I've been using it for the past two weeks.

I liked it so much I bought everything I could find in the succeeding days. 

It wasn't easy either as the product was sold out in quite a lot of pharmacies.


On this trip, I bought products by another big Greek skincare company that once began as an indie outfit.

It's called apivita and it has an excellent range of serums. I tried one of them for a few days and I was really happy with the results so I loaded up on enough apivita for the next six months at least.

I also loaded up on stuff like Cretan mountain tea, Greek detox powders, and lots of new Greek organic brands just coming up onto the market.


Finally, I bought a lot of organic honey from everywhere, and health products from a brand called superfoods.

They're the first ones to make a powder from zeolite, a material only found in Greece that's supposed to detox heavy chemicals from your body. 

They also have a vitamin spray that can be used directly under the tongue for almost-immediate absorption. I love this product as well, especially for traveling.

My friends are amazed at everything I've bought. When they're in the mood to tease me, they say that if I use everything I've bought on this trip over the next few weeks, I'll probably look 20 years younger in four weeks' time. 

If only I should be so lucky, in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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