Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don't miss Hong Kong's PMQ Market on October 17 and 18

Foodies, art lovers and creatives shouldn't miss the PMQ Night Market in Hong Kong this October 17 and 18.

The PMQ Night Market will bring together Hong Kong's creative food vendors, designers, musicians, artists & craftspeople for a series of weekend evenings at a heritage building called PMQ at 35 Aberdeen Street, Central.

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Bonnae Gokson of Ms B's Cakery is an enthusiastic supporter and participant in the upcoming PMQ Night Market.

She said: “The gathering of ‘small is beautiful’ traders is proving increasingly popular and we are delighted to become part of it.”


Ms B’s CAKERY is showcasing a range of signature creations from its Gough Street cakeshop – including taster-size versions of its ten most popular cakes.

 Also presented are sweet cups, including sugar-free versions, and sugar-free cookies – both forgoing regular sugar for a healthy sugar substitute from Germany made from natural beets with low glycemic and insulin levels, especially recommended for weight-watchers and diabetics.

Ms B’s irresistible treats extend to handmade chocolate sweets, from raspberry jelly bon bons and dark or chilli chocolate coffee beans to white chocolate cranberry coffee beans and milk / dark chocolate hearts and ‘pizzas’ with jelly gummies.



Ms B’s booth will be decorated in Bonnae Gokson's charming trademark style “with love and care”. 

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The next PMQ Night Market is organised by the Hong Kong Markets Organisation, an independent social enterprise “committed to promoting the best of Hong Kong” – from fresh produce grown by organic farmers and handcrafts made by local artisans to best local brands and bands.

“We seek to educate and inspire with quality products, and allow people to rediscover the joy in market-going,” says the HKMO.

Bonnae Gokson also said: “I love visiting Borough Market in London and we can't wait to join PMQ Night Market for this fun project. I hope HK could have just a bustling energy like it!”

Bonnae Gokson was recently crowned ‘Asia’s Queen of Confectionery’ by America’s wedding planner to the stars, Colin Cowie.

35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong 
Opening hours: 
Friday 17th October 18:00 - 23:00 
Saturday 18th October 17:00 - 23:00 

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