Saturday, September 27, 2014

A detox that started in Greece brings back memories of Morocco and ends somewhere in Asia next weekend

Tonight, at home but still living a Travelife, I had some guests over for dinner.

For them, I made a proper meal with starters, a main course and even some carbs.

However, for myself, I thought I'd continue my detox from Greece as I'm already on a roll. So I made my own version of a Mediterranean salad for myself tonight.

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First, I cut into very tiny pieces a lot of organic cucumbers and tomatoes, along with a fresh sprig of coriander.

Then I sprinkled my own concoction of ground seeds.

I bought a spice mill in Doha a few months back, and I now bring it everywhere. Inside, I place flax seeds, black sesame seeds and chia seeds.

And when I remember to do so at mealtimes, I turn the lever of my spice mill and sprinkle this mixture over everything I'm eating.


For a finale, I finally decided to open a bottle of organic argan oil I'd bought at an argan oil cooperative in Morocco.

This was back in June, on a holiday in Morocco, but I haven't had the chance to try it at all since then, as I've been on a never-ending Travelife.

I sprinkled this argan oil over my salad, and how wonderful it tasted.

The nutty flavour of the argan oil actually complemented all the seeds I'd sprinkled on my salad.

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It took me back to a very nice and happy trip to Morocco last June, living a Travelife.

That day that I'd purchased this argan oil had been particularly wonderful.

We'd driven all the way to the seaside town of Essaouira on that day, and had a very interesting walking tour of the town, followed by lunch at the best hotel in town.

This was also probably one of the best meals of our trip.

Then we'd stopped at the argan oil cooperative on the way back.




This photo was taken at the Four Seasons Marrakech
just before leaving for our dinner at Crystal

And that night, we'd gone to dinner at Crystal, one of the most stylish fine dining restaurants in Marrakech.

The food was okay, but the atmosphere was really conducive for relaxing and talking.

I remember that we'd talked about Manila in the good old days over our meal -- even if we have slightly different memories as we're about two generations apart.

So opening this argan oil tonight brought back these happy memories of that particular day, as well as of this nice holiday in Morocco, living a never-ending Travelife.

And how wonderful that I got a detox in tonight as well, as a result, too.

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