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Maserati and Photo Shanghai team up for the Neptune Photography Award 2014, with the theme of human hands

Maserati, one of the world's leading luxury and performance carmakers, has teamed up with Photo Shanghai to initiate the Neptune Photography Award.

The Neptune Photography Award is giving seven up and coming photographers the challenge to creatively document the ways people "craft the future" with their hands.

These young photographers were shortlisted from the Student Focus of the Sony World Photography Awards and selected from students at over 220 universities who are studying photography.

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Human hands are central to everything people do -- thus, the basis of the theme.

The Neptune Photography Award for 2014 had the following judges:

Christian Gobber
Managing Director
Maserati Greater China

Liu Heung-shing
Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist 

Thomas Shao
Chairman, Modern Media Group

Francis Hodgson
FT Photography Critic

Bill Hunt
Photography Advisor 


The seven young photographers will each receive US$5,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to Shanghai to receive their award at a gala dinner on September 5.

They will also be sent on a trip to Italy from September 18 to 20 this year to capture the Maserati centennial celebrations with their lens.

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Celebrating 100 years, Maserati already embodies sustainable design while sharing a beautiful story about our craftsmanship, heritage and history. Every car incorporates today elements of handcrafted luxury as it did when lovingly built by the Maserati brothers in a garage in Italy,” said Mr Christian Gobber, Managing Director of Maserati Greater China.

He added: “We are very pleased to join Photo Shanghai to embark on our search for ordinary people who share the same dream as the Maserati brothers, and capture their special moments of being passionate of what they can create and make a difference with their hands.”


Photo Shanghai is an inaugural international art fair dedicated to photography.

It will run from September 5 through 7 at the landmark Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

This art fair aims to establish the most professional and international platform for fine art photography in the Asia-Pacific region.

Works by the seven finalists selected by the Neptune Photography Award will also be displayed at Photo Shanghai.


The Things We Carry 
Photographed by Jordan VarSise 

"What I find interesting about our hands is what they are doing when they aren’t occupied by material objects. When there is nothing to fill the void between our palms, we are faced with the reality of what we are truly holding onto."

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With You Through Thick and Thin 
Photographed by Li Dan Dan 

"In my life there is such a hands suffered years of vicissitudes, tasted human suffering, stick totheir love. I told her 23 years of living together, she nurtured me grow up. I did not witness her youth, but I have witnessed her love, and I also witnessed them through thick and thin years.

Love, in my memory always some lingering years she has become accustomed to fragment. I put these fragments together, and tells the story of her love."

*    *    *

The Power of the Hands 
Photographed by Nadia Navarro 

"Some of the abilities people have passed through their hands, that's why to make my series “the power of the hands.”

I looked for real people at their workplaces. Behind the hands of each person there always be a story to tell."

*    *    *

Starting to Learn 
Photographed by Russell Bruns 

"This is where I started to make. This is where I learned how to create. This is where I started to fight. This is where I learnt how to write.

This is my primary school. This is privilege."

*    *    *

Deni’s Garage 
Photographed by Scarlet Evans 

"This series documents life working in a small garage in east London. Photo 6 Skills Photographer: Sebastian Vacariuc Everything we do, we do with our hands. Working with hands is not easy; some activities require more skills, accuracy and sometimes sacrifices.

In this series I focused my attention on the jobs in which the hands are more involved and precision is the common feature."

*    *    *

Speaking Hands 
Photographed by Tor Birk Trads 

"While the hand for majority of people is a mere tool for daily life and chores the hands are something much more important for a small minority. For people with hearing disabilities the hands are their tongue and their ears: their basic means of communication."

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