Saturday, August 2, 2014

A cocktail party for Switzerland's National Day and a Chinese lauriat for a reunion dinner of the Travelife Magazine South Africa May 2014 group

Last night, our group of Travelife Magazine readers and friends who had joined us on a wonderful Travelife to South Africa last May, had its first reunion since returning from the trip.

The reunion was organised by two of the ladies a few weeks ago.

In South Africa last May,
living a Travelife...

And then the date was set for last night and another lady generously offered to host the entire group for dinner.

The venue was the Gloriamaris restaurant in Greenhills, an institution for fine Chinese food in this city.

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It was a Friday and traffic was terrible, but many people braved the rains and the cars on the road to join the Travelife group dinner last night.

I stopped by the cocktail party hosted by the Ambassador of Switzerland first, on the occasion of Switzerland's National Day.

It was a very nice event and I was so happy to see and catch up with many friends, even if it was just for a short hello.


I was having dinner at the Gloriamaris for the Travelife South Africa group reunion, so I resisted the temptation to sample all the Swiss delights.

However I just had to have one plate of raclette -- this was the party of the Ambassador of Switzerland, after all -- and so I spent the cocktail hour talking with everyone, with a plate of sliced cheese in hand.

This was perfect to tide me over through the traffic on the way to dinner in Greenhills.


What a fun evening we had last night, at the Travelife Magazine South Africa May 2014 group reunion.

We laughed all evening and even managed to sort of plan a few more trips together.


The food was simply amazing as well.

Our hostess with the mostest went all out and ordered the very best dishes for our reunion dinner.

We began with abalone, and succeeding courses included delicious plates of lobster, shark's fin, sirloin beef, lapu-lapu and a host of other delicacies.

We were all speechless because the food was so good.

No kidding.


There was also some good-natured ribbing about how the next reunion host or hostess will certainly be hard put to top last night's dinner -- especially as it even ended with smoking plates of dessert in the form of ducks on water.

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Nevertheless, someone bravely volunteered and all of us present last night unilaterally decided that the next reunion would have a safari theme.

Everyone loved the unique safari experience in the Northern Cape that we included in the Travelife trip to South Africa, and this was going to be a nice way to remember it.


And then, to end an already very nice evening, in Manila living a Travelife, one of the ladies who organised the reunion gave each of us a present wrapped ever so nicely.

This certainly caught us by surprise.

We each received a box from Rustan's Department Store in a different colour of wrapping paper and in varying shapes.

But when we opened our gifts at the same time, we all were so touched to find a photo frame with an individually chosen photo of ourselves from the trip.

Talk about a very nice gesture, and another wonderful day in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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