Thursday, April 3, 2014

Talking about a Travelife LIVE on Solar TV's Solar Daybreak

This morning I woke up uncharacteristically early to get across town by 7 AM, in time for preps to guest on Solar Daybreak, the morning show of Solar TV hosted by Claire Celdran.

Let me just say that the Solar TV team is super friendly, and they have great facilities for shooting TV shows -- so I had a very good time.

Claire and I talked about travel, of course, and about all its joys and challenges.

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As it's approaching summer and many people are looking for new destinations to visit -- or old favorites to revisit -- I mentioned where I'm headed in the next few months.

I'm going everywhere I want to be, to borrow our own tag line. Over the next five months, it's four times halfway around the world, and at least once downwards.

And countless times crisscrossing Asia.


In fact, just today, New Zealand finally got included in my already jampacked itinerary. Actually, it's been on my schedule book for awhile, but only in pencil until I finalized the trip.

And this morning, I wrote New Zealand into my diary in vibrant blue ink.

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I've been to New Zealand many times.

I once drove across the country as a college student, staying with friends in university apartments all the way down to Dunedin. And then a few years later, I spent two graduate school summers in Auckland, just shooting the breeze.

New Zealand was so different way back then, but it was already beautiful. I'm so looking forward to seeing it again after so long.


Greece got inked into the picture too, just today as well.

Once again, it was in pencil for the longest time.

But now it's a definite go and my next step is to book a couple of places I really want to stay in. I've been to Greece about six times, but each time I've not made it up a mountaintop monastery I've always wanted to see.

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Looks like that's going to get struck off my bucket list this year. Along with Rhodes. I've been wanting to visit Rhodes because of a piece of history I'm interested in, and maybe now I can finally get to do so.

As for Crete, that's also in my itinerary. It's rather shocking to admit, but I once spent two weeks in Crete in a pretty nice resort, and I didn't leave this resort at all except to head back to the airport. So I missed seeing Crete's UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Now's my second chance.


And then I have to hurry back to Asia to prepare for 24 people coming over from all over Asia for a big fancy dinner on my rooftop in Tokyo.

So, of course, with all my own travel plans dangling all over the place, I have lots of suggestions for people looking for new ideas for their own versions of a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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